How to get ancient bark in Valheim and what it is used for

IN Valheim Ancient bark is one of the resources that can be obtained by chopping trees. Unlike other materials used to build a house, light a fire, create furniture, and charcoal for a smelting furnace, bark can only be used in a few cases. It is needed to craft some items and weapons.

Specifically, Ancient Bark is used to create:

  • An ancient bark spear;
  • Battle ax;
  • Draugr’s Fang Bow;
  • Spears with wolf fang;
  • Icemora;
  • Iron mace;
  • Drakkar.

Most of the items will be very useful in boss battles, so you should stock up on this valuable resource for future use. For example, to create and upgrade the Draugr Fang Bow, you will need 40 units of Ancient Bark. The same amount is needed for Drakkar. And for Icemore you will need 10 more units.

Where to get Ancient Bark in Valheim

Ancient bark can only be farmed in the swamp region. It is obtained from Ancient Trees, which will require an ax of quality – copper or better. She also collects in sunken crypts and chests that can be found in labyrinths. Together with the bark in the chests, there is a lot of valuable loot for crafting and for sale, so you shouldn’t ignore them.

Use of bark in Valheim

After the first piece of bark has been obtained, the recipes for creating the above items will become available. It is worth noting that the construction of the Drakkar will allow you to feel confident in the ocean and successfully hunt sea snakes. Other items from the Ancient Bark will also not be superfluous, and can play a key role in difficult situations.

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