How long will the phenomenon PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?

In just three days of sales on Steam project PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds could set a record by generating $ 11 million in revenue. But this achievement of a game from the early access, not the end.

Now H1Z1 and Day Z clone can boast a new record: sold over one million copies in just 16 days. And this is without marketing support that can scale publishers Activision and Electronic Arts, but only because of rumors on the internet and fashion tape drives, seeking to play in the all new.

Korean developer Bluehole said proudly that his baby was in the top 3 Steam for the number of simultaneously active players for 15 days. Now, however, lay down a few HYIP: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds closes the Top 5, with her ahead of even an old Team Fortress 2.

The peak of active users has been fixed at the level of 89 thousand. Man on Twitch watched the game at the same time 150 thousand. Viewers, number of tape drives reached two thousand. Total Battlegrounds passed over 40 thousand. Broadcasts a total length of more than 5 million 200 thousand. Minutes.

Creative director Brendan Green, better known under the nickname PlayerUnknown, thanked the players for “passionate” support. Mr Green, like an echo of the notorious Dean Hall, said that “we will actively support the fan base, improving current and creating new content.”

Brendan Green and Bluehole promised “full transparency” of development and early access stage, not exceeding 6 months. While certain timeline has not passed and the game has not reached the release, it will remind us the strategy of investment banks, promising full transparency, and again strikes the shady operations with securities.

Mr Green – a well-known figure: it was he who created the genre Battle Royale itself. First, developers (and players themselves) thought that in these games matter of survival, crafting, joint activity, the construction of the camp, the opposition of a common danger, and so on. But then it turned out that in addition to the desire to polish the snout with his neighbor has almost nothing to make sense to the public. This is not idle speculation Gmbox, and statistics on Steam.

Brendan Green created the famous mod for Arma 3 – PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale. Later, he worked on a mod Daybreak’s Battle Royale for H1Z1, who later became a well-known H1Z1: King of The Kill.

As these modifications, Mr. Green’s independent game without any explanation spawns a gamer on a certain island (in the Eastern European style, so after Day Z was customary), and forced to kill other players. No crafting and a long search: weapons liberally scattered everywhere. I seized – and into battle.

As we have said, Bluehole proud of his achievement: Twitch leadership in the charts when the game reached the mark of 150 thousand spectators. However, a few days after a loud record Battlegrounds slipped 3 times, up to 50 thousand. And again began to keep up with such generally recognized giants as League of Legends and Dota 2.

The Steam-game charts too, has lost its former (that is just a 2-week-old) shine. In terms of “in the moment” it is necessary to arrange a battle royal has a 4 th place with Team Fortress 2: 38.5 against 39.5 thousand players.. . On top Steam, in which 600 – 700 thousand people played in “Dot” and CS: GO, all can be forgotten.

What a fall after such a rapid take-off can be connected? Maybe the fact that gamers have come to feel that they are being deceived? Take the most striking example: Day Z. As can be used to download more as an independent unit of this project appeared on Steam back in 2013, the year, and the eponymous mod for Arma 3 at the site of Valve.

Din Holl has promised almost the whole world with quests, development and construction, and now what? Since then, Digital Extremes has launched its Warframe, Activision – Destiny, Ubisoft – The Division … and Mr. Hall just collected money, and announced that work on the Day Z will not be brought to an end.

Apparently, now the New Zealander scared cruelty and zombies, and wants to do a cute space Minecraft. A clone of Minecraft, as is well known – the best way to raise funds for the crude alpha and hide in an unknown direction.

In Rust nobody plays, “ambitious” artifacts like The Forest bent on the vine, Conan has, released relatively recently, also dropped out of the Top 10 Steam. Almost the only “suspicious” project, which does not throw any developers or players – it’s Ark: Survival Evolved (55,5 thousand people – the current daily maximum in Steam.).

The second exception – H1Z1: King of The Kill, to which he had a hand Brendan Green, creator PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This, of course, increases the chances of survival game, with noticeable. But the fact remains that 90% of the games of the genre syurvayval / crafting / PvP not live up to the release, and in 50% of cases, the developers originally planned to brazen cash grab, ie soliciting money from the public through the crude alpha, which no one is going to bring to mind.