How do you like the new Dota 2 roster of Natus Vincere? Poll from

September 2 esports club Natus Vincere announced a new Dota 2 roster. Alik V-Tune Sparrow, Vladimir No[o]ne Minenko, Victor GeneRaL Nigrini, Ilya ALOHADANCE Korobkin and Alexey Solo Berezin… The editors decided to conduct a survey and find out from users how they feel about this roster.



Earlier, representatives of the club announced that in mid-September the new roster will gather at a bootcamp in Kiev, where they will prepare for the start of the upcoming season. The team will be mentored by Ivan ArtStyle Antonov, who will also take the position of general manager – he will oversee the development of the Dota 2 direction in the club.

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