House Flipper – Garden Expansion Coming to Consoles March 18 – review Addiction

Company Frozen district announced that the console version House flipper will soon receive the first major expansion. DLC Garden arriving on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on March 18.

IN Steam An add-on that allows you to tidy up not only the house, but also the backyard lawn, is available from May 2019. It receives mostly positive reviews: players, although they complain about bugs, note new features in their favorite game. And especially riding a lawn mower.
Meanwhile, improvements received and version House Flipper VR… For virtual reality device owners, you can get familiar with the capabilities of Windows Mixed Reality.
The game was released on Steam in the fall of 2023, but so far it is receiving restrained reviews: the graphics have lost their realism, and numerous bugs spoil the impression. However, work on the game continues, the developers add new features, and over time they must cope with the problems.

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