Hot Leak: A trailer for the highly anticipated Battlefield 6 shooter leaked online

After the leaked audio fragment and several frames, the full version of the debut cinematic trailer was leaked to the network Battlefield 6

If you were expecting to see a video in HD, then we hasten to upset you – the published video is of very low quality and, moreover, constantly “blinks”, which can cause health problems for epileptics. In addition, the black bar with the LOL Guy meme does not give the full picture, however, the setting of the game is guessed without problems – this is the modern era, perhaps the near future.

As users of the ResetEra forum write, this may be an early internal video, not intended for widespread display.… It is possible that another trailer will officially present the shooter.

The official announcement of the new Battlefield is due next month. The game will be released before the end of this year on PC, Xbox and Playstation

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