Horror Resident Evil 8 lights up again on radars – new story and gameplay details

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Popular portal Riely on horrorfocusing on various horror-related projects, has published a new batch of rumors about the game Resident Evil VIII from company Capcom, which promises to be a full-fledged continuation of the cult series and go simultaneously both on new systems and on current platforms.

The portal clarified that it could not verify absolutely all the information that the source provided them, so it is now worth perceiving it exclusively as a rumor. Nevertheless, many points are fully consistent with what other insiders told about the game earlier, which is why the next leak looks quite convincing.

Attention! Below will be announced certain plot details, therefore, if you want to completely eliminate the possibility of spoiling your impression of the release, we recommend that you refrain from reading this note.

  • Occult ideas play a big role in the plot, but nothing “paranormal“in the usual meaning of this word is not worth the wait. The mysterious cult really worships creepy monsters, but all of them are just the product of a new deadly virus that leads not only to mutations, but also affects the consciousness of people affected by it.
  • Resident Evil VIII has at least two antagonists. Central is a certain Alan Ar – Leader of the local cult and senior member of the organization “Connections“, which is mentioned in the previous game. The second negative character – Alex WeskerAlberta’s sister, one of the key actors Resident Evil Revelations 2.

  • In addition to Ethan himself, the player will take control of another hero – Emily. She is about 30 years old, she grew up and spent her life in a mysterious village and at the beginning of the game she is trying to find her father. At some point, Emily and Ethan meet each other and from that moment begin to work together.
  • A big role in the gameplay will play a flashlight. Resident Evil VIII promises a lot of dark corners in which without a portable lighting device it will be very difficult. At the same time, the batteries gradually run out at the lamp, however, the charge is restored automatically over time.
  • In addition to the village (in whose honor, it seems, the game will be named) Ethan also will visit many other interesting locations: castle, forests, caves. At the same time, a significant focus will be shifted from interiors to open spaces, which is a noticeable departure from traditional canons Resident evil.
  • The alleged plot of the plot is constructed as follows: after the events of the seventh part, Ethan and Mia try to lead a quiet life and have a baby. But since both characters were influenced by “Mold”, their child is born deformed and a little like an ordinary person. Soon Ethan’s peace breaks Chris Redfieldwho, on his own initiative, finds an unhappy family, kills their child, and injures Mie. Ethan himself faints, and when he wakes up, finds himself surrounded by mysterious dark figures who kidnap him and bring him to an unknown village.

  • First few episodes Resident Evil VIII devoted to how Ethan makes his way through dangerous mountains completely unarmed. According to rumors, in the region where he ended up, people are steadily disappearing.
  • The main opponents in the game are new variety of zombies and pale humanoid creatures similar to Ganado from Resident evil 4 (it is noteworthy that some of them are armed with clubs and swords). It looks like wolves, dogs and some new variation are joining the list of enemies. “lizunov“One of Ethan’s most dangerous obstacles should be the so-called werewolves, a mixture of beast and man, which the artists depicted as repulsive and frightening.

Many insiders were convinced that Resident Evil VIII were supposed to present to the public last Thursday, as part of showing projects for Playstation 5. Now, Capcom plans to only guess.

However, the insider Dusk golem repeatedly stated that the new game will go on sale until March next year, so, in any case, it is unlikely to wait too long.

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