Horizon Zero Dawn

Full Throttle Tribe
Although the prologue goes a bit deafening, showing us the early stages of Aloy’s growth and its tribulations resulting from his tribe’s marginalization, after a handful of Horizon hours, literally opens the flight, opening to the player and presenting a wor
ld wide play, full of breathtaking landscapes and dense activities to be completed.
Structured around a full-bodied, convincing and rare moments of tired history, Horizonalso has several secondary missions and other optional missions. Those secondary ones are always interesting, as they focus on many aspects related to the play environment and tribes that populate it, deepening some themes and stories staged during the main adventure.
Optional missions allow you to really discover Horizon’swhole, and although there are some little-known quests such as deliveries or others of little importance, you will always find a stimulus to end it, witnessing that developers have never really sold to useless fillers, but have on the contrary given body and identity to a project of great thickness. 
Consider, for example, Calderons, deep robotic robots structured at dungeons, which hide inside a nucleus that can teach the override to be used on different types of machines. With this feature you can inhibit your opponents and, if possible, ride them to cover distances in shorter time. Alternatively, you can use the bonfires – generously present throughout the entire map – but only by
using the appropriate kits. These, together with other useful merchandise merchants and the construction of larger arrows and bags, are the bottoms that can be gained by defeated enemies, while the rest of the materials found in play areas (such as animal skins, medicinal plants) are in fact the core of crafting.
In this regard, crafting activity is never cumbersome and never becomes tedious, especially because it is dry and limited to a few elements of interest, so you will only accumulate materials when it is strictly necessary. That being said, in order to obtain the best
equipment or the proper runes to reinforce weapons and clothes, it is imperative to address some specific types of good robots, some of which need a pinch of strategy more than usual to be able to be cut down without excessive problems .
In your rescue there will be classic weapons such as bow and other less conventional as a lance trap, which momentarily invades enemies and limits the range and power of their attacks. The ammunition and the arrows, moreover, are of a different type and can inflict elemental damage, fundamental to exploiting the congenital weaknesses of the most ruthle
ss enemies. At the fire guns for remote attacks, which offer a wide range of solutions, alternates the spear, which has a weak attack and a strong one. The mêlée clashes , both for the slowness with which they are run and for the scarce alternatives they offer, are all those less convincing and are the weakest element of a well-made and varied combat system.
Horizon Zero Dawn
Tongue of God
Very successful is the combination of RPG elements within an action and open world game structure: the way they are linked to the immediacy of commands, creating a strategic dimension that works and has a significant weight in the economy of clashes, gives Horizon Zero Dawn its precise shape, which makes the pair with the distinctive features of each creature, chara
cterized by strengths, weaknesses and uniqueness. Especially during boss battles you will be forced to assassinate certain robotic parts, which can break away from the body of beasts and be used as devastating weapons capable of overcoming the fate of the clash; or try to trap or place some in the immediate vicinity, to have moments of breath and reorganize quickly.
There is also a character growth system through experience and skill, with the latter enclosed in a menu page ideally divided into three macro categories that determine the inclination of your style of play. In addition to throwing more arrows at a time, it is possible, fo
r example, to slow down the time for a few seconds to better aim, increase harvested booty, strike more power, and get a host of facilities that will be of tremendous help against the most beasts dangerous, very careful and – with the greatest difficulty – almost relentless. It is a different discourse for human enemies, who show uncompromising and sometimes inadequate behavioral routines.You will notice it during missions inside the camps of bandits, too elementary, and when you will be attacked massively by soldiers, witnessing all their inconsistency. Getting started o
n a difficult level is therefore recommended, but if you do not have to be comfortable, you can change the difficulty at any time.
Superb is the characterization of the game world, tribes, creatures and everything around you. Even during the less important dialogues you will be abducted by the magnetism of the tale, from simple dresses, or from the most popular personality dresses, as wel
l as you will be interested in text, vocal and everything that is gravitated to a world of organic play , incredibly cohesive, rich in facets, and does not feel the weight of the dilated times that are typical of an open world. There are certainly some problems with the out of sync labia and with the expressions of the characters, and should also be signaled a quality of dubbing in Italian good but inferior to the original.
Horizon Zero Dawn