homeworld_logo_by_chrono_strife.png screenshotOne of the timeless sentinels of real-time strategy (RTS) and the only ones with three-dimensional movement field returns to computers in a remastered format, demonstrating again why it was influential and why its spatial imprint is still indelible today. It has been 16 years since Relic Entertainment ( Company of Heroes, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War …) premiered Homeworld


under the seal of Sierra, 12 years since its launch, Homeworld 2. And now it’s time to remaster both titles to bring back, not only a formula that continues to work


perfectly despite the generational changes, but also an audiovisual set-up that many other remasters would like – or refried – of those that we We are frequently meeting these years.

Homeworld Remastered Collection is in charge of the people of Gearbox ( Borderlands ) after acquiring the brand of THQ coffers, but in their updated code they have worked designers of the originals, people of Relic so overturned with the game and


the still fervent community that had all the knowledge to achieve a technical feat as these pair of revisions are. For 31.99 euros on Steam ,


a somewhat higher price considering the nature and age of the titles of PC but a gift if we are aware that they are giving us four games , this Collection is nourished by the original Homeworld 1 and 2 classics .


They are joined by the remastered Homewold Remastered and Homeworld 2 Remastered , and a direct access to the multiplayer beta which will open later and is not content with remodeling the modes, ships and maps of yesteryear, but combines


both games in a single meeting, put elements that created the community, opens tools for modders and lets face the races of Homeworld 1 and 2 in games of up to 8 players . Graphical comparison :

homeworldrm_2015-02-23_16-34-23-39.jpg screenshot   homeworld2_2015-02-23_16-36-42-48.jpg screenshot

homeworld-image-758.jpg Screenshot

Relive the battle, time to leave Kharak

In this way, the user who makes this Collection not only takes home the remasters and their enhanced multiplayer, but also has the option to know or


remember the classics and make them run perfectly on the latest operating systems. Few remasters we have seen so complete and so remarkable as they compare versions. We are not talking about a remake of the classic battles between the Kushan and Taiwanese , of course, but a revision worked. The level of revised graphic,


textures, lighting, details, effects … is formidable and leaves much behind what we saw in his day. Drop-down menus and interface are also reworkedgeneral of departure, accommodating a little the commands to the times that run and what today is standardized in the genre, although without losing an iota of identity.

For those who do not know what Homeworld’s starting point is, their basic approach tells us a rather well-spun spatial epic that invites us to control and manage the vast fleet of the Kushan, residents of the extreme planet Kharak who have always believed in its tradition. rooted in this way of life but soon in the plot they discover that their home world, their Homeworld, is actually another that was snatched by hostile races. Its march to space with the entire air fleet and first exploration missions give way to an extensive campaign through 16 events, more than 30 chapters between the two games, where we will learn to master the foundations and advanced possibilities of Homeworld, and that the pillars are simple to learn and the player soon finds out that he knows how to execute many main movements,

homeworldrm_2015-02-23_16-39-37-73.jpg screenshot

The spatial epic of the set is still one of the keys in the remastering of Homeworld, it has not been lost. Now, in addition, we get a soundtrack much cleaner in sound, new dubbing -in English- to the charge of the actors then to get a clearer audio atmosphere and a cast of unreleased sound effects that feel great to the whole. We were many who expected a remastering of a couple of classics of the RTS as the two central deliveries of this series, many still regulars who were behind the work of Gearbox to pamper as it should the saga that popularized the movement 360º in battles spatial Do not be left behind in resolutionsHD, Ultra HD and 4K, also winning in camera angles or arrangement of menus prepared for rectangular monitors.

homeworldrm_2015-02-23_16-41-00-53.jpg Screenshot  homeworldrm_2015-02-23_15-47-12-39.jpg Screenshot