Homefront: The Revolution

In Deep Silver works very brave people. How else to explain that the release of Homefront: The Revolution took place almost immediately after the release of DOOM ?

The act is undoubtedly worthy. But we will not interfere with the shooter with a substance known only because of the uncomfortable neighborhood – let’s imagine if id Software has not caused excitement among fans of the genre and that Homefront was the only alternative in May. What are the chances of the game with an unbiased approach to the assessment of its quality?

Koreans are good, the Americans – the death

Five years of development, leapfrog publishers, the controversial comments about the original of 2011 – the fate of the restart can not be called cloudless. Nevertheless studio Dambuster gathered together all the ingredients of a hit, taking a little bit of action games of the first magnitude.

Open World with the capture of checkpoints is reminiscent of the series of Far Cry , the CryEngine engine promises Beauty in the spirit of Crysis 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome , and stealth, riding a motorcycle, better weapons and “craft” items seem to never go out of fashion. However, the first thing Homefront: The Revolution attracts attention – it neizbity setting.

Background much in common with the first part: thanks to the ideas of Juche North Korea not only has slipped to the bottom of the socio-economic, but even developed sverhuspeshnyh technology startup companies as APEX.

Generous to trade chips chuchheytsy (or, as they are called in the location, “Juche”) moved the 38th parallel to the borders of Japan, and there have reached and America. Because each phone, a computer, an ATM, a tank and a helicopter were US unit of the APEX, Koreans are suddenly deprived the country of money and the army, and then, under the guise of humanitarian aid entered the occupation forces.

Curfew, shooting dissidents raids on civilian houses, poverty, the same total as nasazhdonny invaders control, – hail to the Kim, baby !

Of course, not all Americans it had in mind. Among the discontented turned Itan Bredi, mute, as Gordon Freeman, but the evil is like a thousand devils, the guy who lives at home the US Constitution – in Philadelphia. Barely passed the third day of the “internship” hero in the underground, as he had got into the binding.

Dragged him to the local Gestapo patrol saved from death the leader of the resisters Walker and nearly tortured to death on their own, taking as an enemy spy.

Sam Walker, was shot in the leg, he disappeared in the dungeons of the Korean and now Brady has to save him, simultaneously performing daring raids and sabotage on the streets.

Although formally in Homefront open world, he razmezhovan two types of zones – yellow and red. At first more people live, so here we must act discreetly, and the second – completely ad and debris, which often fire intermittently, and the ground probe rays of good guard airships.

Homefront: The Revolution

“You are a beginner? So do all the work for us! “

Entourage is designed so that from the first frame to create the right mood. Circle devastation reigns, so Philadelphia with a light hand designer looks more like the favelas of Rio.

Vagabonds are heated by the burning barrels inside the sneaker, and broken lives a black woman calls gratify the flesh between the garbage cans.

Get out of the alleys on the avenue – and there are alarming: very often cameras and patrols occupiers. Every now and then someone stopped and gone around the corner – it is necessary to understand, not to taste of kimchi. Unfortunately, this charm of the game and is exhausted.

The gate to hell opened not on Mars

From open world just a name here. In addition to capturing strongholds, cats, mice with the occupiers but digging in the trash, which come across items for sale, do nothing to the vast Philadelphia. And it would be so bad if the authorsHomefront: The Revolution is not made mandatory in routine exercise.

For example, in the second, yellow, locations without repeated actions can not do, or residents of the area will not rise in revolt.

A bite to eat at the tower propaganda cable receiver tuned to the underground wave that killed the guard next to the American related (due to local fire a short time and get to the prisoner himself), took control of robots the tower – all over again. Romance? Certainly not.

Homefront: The Revolution