Home Sweet Home

An unexpected awakening
The game starts with Tim awakening in a bedroom that is not his, when he gets lost and stunned, asks himself where he is. The next rooms are made up of furniture that they do not recognize, and along the corridors, through enormous bloodstain
s on the walls, comes out a rancorous demon out of the appearance of a young armed student of cutters who screams without hesitation and hunters.
It would seem just a trivial pretext to immerse yourself in the usual situation where horror soon becomes habit and the context becomes forced, but when after the initial section you will awaken in the undercover of your home, with your wife disappeared
for days and leaves of his diary which reveal an inexplicable malaise, you will understand that in Home Sweet Home there is something more than most indie titles of the genre. At least, at a narrative level.
Adding some elements
of Thai folklore to this , and the ability to know how to measure rhythms and to curse, here is how an apparently desirable indie turns into an engaging adventure. And here’s how – at the same time – increase the anger and sense of dissatisfaction for the pending final, which cuts the leg to the whole game.
Beyond this awful choice, Home Sweet Home is a horror consisting essentially of two distinct phases: one inside the apartment, whe
re one has to investigate family affairs and the privacy of his missing wife, and the other in which we must survive the threats that will put us in the way (which in essence are only three, a sin for the small variety).
Although this latter phase is misunderstood, with environments that do not have the slightest logical concordance, there is behind a backgrou
nd motivation that justifies this uneven homogeneity. However, there remains a fundamental structural weakness that makes Home Sweet Home a collage free of junction sections. The feeling is reinforced by a water-tight play, with a second part of the heavily stealth-driven work.
Home Sweet Home, review of the Thai horror survival
From Thailand with horror
Considering that Home Sweet Home does not allow you to defend yourself, but only to find shelter in lockers or jars spread across th
e rooms, you understand how stealth is a primary element of gaming. However, some enemy swarms are badly calculated and could – with the help of the adventurous IA not just brilliant – create some skyscraper.
Home Sweet Home, h
owever, is always challenging and inspires you to design your ideal evasion methods, it can create a good atmosphere and not abuse too many jumpscare.Some of them are not even foreseeable and all in all they get married with specific ga
me moments loaded with pathos; Some, however, have the dual purpose of scaring and representing some images of mystical Thai folklore, declinating them in an even more terrifying and exasperating manner of monstrosity.
Home Sweet Home lasts from four to six hours, depending on your style of play; it offers a bone-reduced interaction and is functional only for finding and using key objects and text files. In addition to guiding you along the different phases of history, the latte
r have the opportunity to immerse you in the very special atmosphere of the work, which does not look like any other title, and it is all he can to find a niche in which there are very few titles , including the previously mentioned  DreadOut .
On the other hand, good rhymes, though not having particular peaks of roughness, are able to engage, especially thanks to some logics that stimulate lateral thought. It is also worth pointing out that puzzle solutions are procedural, so each game (or loading)
will let you know in a barbershop that needs a solution to be found in a single gaming session without you being able to help with video or other sources exterior. It is a pity that there are few and that the title remains all in its “comfort zone” without risking much, leaving you with the curiosity of how to end the affair.