Home Sweet Home

In the heart of the nightmare

The house, the home, the life under roof. The everyday can turn into disgrace in the blink of an eye, especially in a horror video game. The line that separates madness from sanity is very fine , especially when one leaves aside the warmth of the abode by the perpetual cold of the ghostly dimensions.

Home Sweet Home lives up to its name in an ironic sense, given that the sweetness of the home is not felt in this title, rather the opposite. Like almost all Asian products of the genre (this is Thai), the work of Yggdrazil plays with the emotions of the players and create


s a psychological membrane that leaves the user in suspense throughout the adventure. Without giving up the scares, the game manages the tension using music, sounds and visual design. The scenarios are dreary and impregnated with dirt; the rooms remain untidy, abandoned to luck. And between the blackness, spectral figures; creepy monsters.

It can not be said that the story is too original, although it is based on Thai myths. Its central approach we have seen in many other games of the genre , such as Silent Hill 2 and Resident Evil 7. In the new Yggdrazil, Tim, our protagonist, embarks on a

Slime Rancher


nightmare in search of his wife Jane. After the disappearance of his wife, the man succumbs to a spiral of sadness. A day like any other, when he opens his eyes after a sleepless night, he discovers with astonishment that he is not at


home. Immediately he realizes that dark and supernatural forces are acting against him. We do not know how to distinguish between truth and fiction, everything seems a bad dream. There are certain moments in which it seems that everything returns to normal, but in re


ality it is only a reflection of a reality that is hardly going to materialize again. The spirit of a woman wanders the corridors and will not stop at anything or anyone. If he sees us, we are dead. The same other monstrous creatures that we will have to avoid if we want to be unhurt … physically, at least. The notches in the psychological will remain forever.

Maybe the story is not the newest, but the development invites us to continue exploring. There are almost no interruptions due to kinematics, because the narrative almost always flows from the thoughts expressed aloud by the main character. The protagonists are not as charismatic as those of other renowned sagas. In fact, Tim is pretty bland.

Home Sweet Home (PC) screenshot

It is important to note that this video game has nothing to do with the Home Sweet Home that came out on Wii back in 2008. Despite sharing the same title, the product of the successful Nintendo console was to decorate the house, and also He received


quite negative reviews. The developer, as is obvious, is not the same. Yggdrazil Group has designed few games to date. Within the indie, its title of terror is the greatest work they have created. His other video games as developers are Hero Fun Fun and the future Project Number 5. The company has more titles, but these have been shaped by other studies.

Survive without weapons

Let no one wait for an action title. So that we understand each other and without wanting to enter vain comparisons, we will say that Hom


e Sweet Home follows the playable schemes of series like Outlast or Amnesia . The perspective is consequently in the first person . The character can not defend himself and his only option is to sneak out and avoid being discovered by enemies. For this, the game offers the mechanics of bending over and the po


ssibility of hiding in lockers or behind different pieces of furniture. On the other hand, the exploration is another of the main pillars of pr


oduction: find documents, find clues and complete Jane’s diary helps us to color the story. The third column are the puzzles , essential to unlock doors or get that indispensable tool we need to continue. These pose ingenious puzzles th


at make you use your head and put the clues in the correct order. The mechanics are, therefore, very archetypal and nothing original: move forward, run, bend over and interact with the environment. At certain moments we have noticed that using the command there is a delay in the response and that sometimes the buttons do not respond.