Holobunnies: Pause Cafe

Always speaking of style, the few characters with which it is possible to speak (which do not have any useful function) are expressed in Banjo & Kazooie style , but they do it using French spoken vowels.
In addition, music, which passes from jazz and delicate hard rock parts to the levels, that is challenges with bosses or delusional trial and error.

Unfortunately, being a taste of a production that will come later, the title does not offer us many more ideas to understand its essence. Among these are the descriptions of the four heroes in the Legacy Boss Rush mode, among drumbeats and radical guitarists, whatever it is. A few pretensions and good Holobunnies: Pause Cafe

Holobunnies: Pause Cafe

is exactly what the title suggests, that is, a break from the main adventure where bunnies can take a coffee, or turn on the PC and make a game to one of the three mini-games inside.

Brawler, in which two players challenge themselves as a sort of Smash Brosin 2D in arenas full of dangers and enemies, only in the local unfortunately.

Each of the four rabbits, I mentioned before, have peculiar abilities like the ability to become invisible, to cure, or have a sort of machine gun that shoots carrots at much higher speeds than others. As for this mode there is little to say, just as in the Nintendo title you can choose to play time and decree the winner based on the highest rate of wins and defeats, or with the classic stock of vines and point to the survival .

The second minigame is Kitcat Adventure, as well as what I personally find more successful.It is an endless runner with platform elements in which, as a cat, you have to overcome a number of levels, whose completion time will fit into the inevitable world leaderboard.

The character moves always and only forward, can jump in midair and above enemies, and interact with environmental elements (arrows) that change his movement. The blue arrows allow you to reverse the direction, the green and red ones increase and decrease the speed of movement, respectively, while the yellow ones allow you to make an additional mid-air jumping.

Each level must be exceeded with a dose of timing, reflexes, and no indifferent patience, being a rather classic trial & error. I have to say that, despite the limited duration, this was the mini-game that held me with more joy inside, but once you’ve completed the levels a couple of times (maybe different difficulties) to find alternative ways and different ways to complete them, there is not much else to do.

The last minigame of the offer is the previously mentioned Legacy Boss Rush, which is a series of boss battles that, among other things, are a great way to get to know the game’s protagonists and what they are capable of doing. Challenges are not always exhilarating or well-thought-out, because the enemy of the turn does not repeat the same pattern of attack continuously. Once you have learned the movements, even the highest difficulty is not enough.