Hollow Knight is the typical game that easily wins the favor of anyone who follows the independent scene and all these new games of the old school .


From his first trailer drew attention to his personal graphic aspect, so the idea of ​​a metroidvania with this artistic section so peculiar was more than appetizing.

While the new proposal was gestating, Ori and the Blind Forest shook the genre with strength thanks to its presentation as solid in the playable as visually stunning, exquisite in all its facets to the point of establishing a new standard in the world of two-dimensional .

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

They took note for good the Australians of the Team Cherry, willingly accepting the challenge, following his own with a somewhat prolonged development for an indie use that, fortunately, has ended more than well this time.

We must recognize something very worthy of the games that have recently embraced the great maps to explore in a 2D plane: their most outstanding


examples have managed to express themselves with their own personality, managing to distance themselves from their ancestral models more than other traditional genres, although they have never denied their origins.


The Metroids and Castlevania that founded the genre are still undeniable references, but their recent heirs have opted to highlight each one in their own:


Guacamelee nailed it with its developed combat system; StriderI had less exploration inside an arcade of raging and brilliant intensity, while Axiom Verge 

passionately honored the old Metroid with its pixelated visual appearance at the same time elegant. Parallel to all of them,


From Software was consolidating itself as a reference in the industry, with games that are modern classics practically since its launch. In the case of Hollow Knight is in them, the now ubiquitous Dark Souls and Bloodborne, where you have to look for the reference


that manages the threads, since we are facing a game that does not hesitate to declare itself a disciple of both Miyazaki and Igarashi, synthesizing their teachings with spectacular success.

hollow1.jpg screenshot
Honesty first of all

Hollow Knight is a video game thathides much more than what you see in a simple screenshot, or even in a trailer. Neither images nor a three-minute presentation can reflect the coherence of its designers; their respect for what they promised when they first showed


the project looking for funding on Kickstarter. They committed to deliver an action video game that waschallenging, with a traditional 2D animation style and specialemphasis on the exploration of a huge world


with interconnected areas.This is exactly what we will download, but the good news is that everything here has been carried out with a care that drives


the game to levels much higher than what you would expect from a project with so few resources, which did not reach get all the additional goals on Kickstarter.

The first thing that catches your attention, now with the final version on the screen, remains its artistic solidity . The models of the characters, all based on insects, remain at a very high medium level, although there are some less inspired


within a style, let’s be clear, of the implicit minimalism that pays homage to the animated films of authors like Tim Burton. Its variety,with more than 130 enemies and around thirty final bosses, it is certainly remarkable for a game of the genre, and possibly


superior to any of its sacred cows. In any case, what stands out the most in the visual aspect is, without a doubt, the beauty of scenarios that compete one on one with the most exuberant that we are today in 2D. Hollow Knight is placed in the


high-end of two-dimensional video games in high definition, daring to look directly into the eyes of the very Ori and The Blind Forest. For its quality, of

course, but also for its variety, because if something can boast this game, and this is the cornerstone on which everything in it pivots, is to have a


gigantic whole map with delightfully contrasting areas. This is the characteristic that defines the subterranean adventure through the depths under the city of Dirtmouth. The one that marks its great successes and also some of its gaps.

hollow3.jpg screenshot