Hokuto Ga Gotoku, Yakuza meets Ken The Warrior

Toshihiro Nagoshi confirmed it aloud: he and his team are at work on a game that takes Yakuza’s mechanics and the official license of the Hokuto no Ken series. Although the Yakuza Studio is a quality guarantee, however, the mind does not get tired of enthusiasm and retraces – not without a hint of concern – the previous video games of the warrior of Hokuto.

The two chapters of Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage appeared several years ago on PS3 and Xbox 360, known in Japan under the name ofHokuto Musou, are not reminded by fans as two immortal masterpieces, but as titles of mold action that can entertain with taste, homage to the saga of origin without too much conviction. The Nagohi project, on the other hand, promises to go far beyond it and does so precisely from the narrative context of Hokuto Ga Gotoku .

The story will indeed take place in Eden, a kind of city whose water and energy reserves are granted by a mysterious post-apocalyptic remnant called “Sphere City”.

Eden will not only be a glimmer of hope, thanks to which the human race will survive: there will in fact be no real neighborhoods dedicated to gambling and fun, which will attract a whole series of criminals and nasty ceffs ready to sow panic among the streets of the metropolis. Fortune wants Kenshiro, heir to the Divine School of Hokuto still on the traces of his beloved Julia, does not fall into the so-called “city of miracles”. What you will achieve, you can imagine yourself. A completely unpublished story with unpublished characters, therefore,

Hokuto Ga Gotoku, Yakuza meets Ken The Warrior

You’re already dead! 
But what really will be Hokuto Ga Gotoku?compared to the well-known Yakuza series? From the little we have seen, the combat system seems to have been fully taken up by the one seen – and appreciated – in the adventures of Kazuma Kiryu. That is to say, the “riddles” of the aftertaste beat ’em up 1990s that have always characterized the Yakuza series will remain intact. But not only: it also seems clear that our protagonist will be able to trigger his fury at reaching a certain level of charge (the classic “Heat Actions” seen in the original series).

Decimating opponents using the most renowned techniques of the Hokuto School (like the legendary 100 Cent Shots) will be a thrill,

Hokuto Ga Gotoku
 does not, however, just want to go back to the Yakuza series with regard to the general skeleton, but seems to want to take the “comic” side again. Kazuma’s adventure was in fact often covered with mini-games of various kinds, with the possibility to visit private clubs and karaoke, as well as the presence of traditional games halls so popular in Sol Levante.

Even the next title dedicated to Kenshiro seems to want to offer a whole range of collateral activities – such as gambling – also offering some humorous and deliberately exaggerated curtains that seem to have come out more than an episode of JoJo’s bizarre adventuresrather than a serious work set like the Hokuto no Ken manga. If this spoils the general atmosphere, turning the nose to the historical fans accustomed to much more narrative, we have not been told.

Fortune wants, at least technically, Hokuto Ga Gotokudoes not seem to compromise on any kind: thanks to the use of the graphic engine already seen and appreciated in Yakuza 6, the latest release of Toshihiro Nagoshi aims to offer players a spectacle of perfect style and animation, almost impeccable frenetic replicas duels seen in the original television series Ken The Warrior (the duel between Kenshiro and Rei seen in the first trailer has incredible). This, for many, will surely cost the ticket cost to enter the rich and prosperous city of Eden.