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Leader IO Interactive Hakan Abrak in an interview GamesIndustry.biz named the recent HITMAN III the most successful part of the series – both critically and in terms of sales.

Trilogy finale World of assassination sold 300% better than the second part – and the developers celebrate a good release date. Previous Hitman came out in November, when many fall blockbusters start selling, and the triquel launched without much competition in January.

However, sales were helped not only by the successful release date – at IOI they celebrate the high quality of the game.

What IO can do is Hitman. It’s like saying you know kung fu, but instead we have Hitman“.

The trilogy had a bad start, which almost buried the studio and the entire series, but IOI managed to find a suitable approach and gradually find the right direction for the development of the series. By the third part, it reached its peak.

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