The departure of the new Hitman was not without controversy. The model chosen by episodes and the little content with the Intro Pack set off the alarms for a title that, in addition, seemed to be far from the standards of quality that the saga had reaped in the past.


With Sapienza, IO Interactive begins to redeem itself and offers something that will appeal to the most traditional fans of the saga. Our favorite hit man


remembers the great cinema agents with a range of possibilities and much more polished mechanics to resurface among all the criticisms received.

And it is that Sapienza is a great mission. We are going to Italy to fulfill a new mission, that of ending two terrorist scientists and, most importantly, with a project that they have in hand that can be lethal for humanity. The first thing that stands out about this staging


is the environment. A town with all the Mediterranean features that we can imagine, with a lot of light and a summer atmosphere that is transmitted,


too, through the image of Agent 47 himself with his white shirt. Surely we are not facing a scenario as big as Paris, but you do not need it because everything around us has a great vitality.

561851-hitman-welcome-to-sapienza-1920x1080.jpg screenshot

And that is one of the main points of Sapienza, having to play so many conversations and so many elements that we can interpret them as we want in order to solve our mission. We appreciate the amount of contextual proposals to plan our way, although there is always


something more evident as is the very beginning of the game. Entering the large farm where the two objectives are is not too complicated, and in fact we can


take less than 10 minutes to finish with the first of the enemies that we have marked in our contract. But do not panic, it’s just the beginning. And it’s just a way to face it.

The challenge of the episode Sapienza continues to advance, and although our second objective is not too far to finish it, there are endless possibilities when we enter the bunker to end the virus they are building. This is where Hitman Episode 2 shines brightest.


Going into the heart of our mission is very complicated and we have a lot of roads, objects, costumes and traps at our disposal. On the one hand, the challenge is growing because it is not easy to get into the mouth of the wolf; on the other hand, we have several ways of dealing with it, something that brings rejugability to the title.

hitman_sapienza_2_26_1461661119-04-16.jpg Screenshot

Although the entire building we visited is somewhat below in size with respect to the first episode, within it we will find a myriad of tasks to confuse, small details to change the patterns of enemies and various brand house costumes. On this occasion,


in addition, the costumes are very marked in such a way that if we enter a certain place as a cook of the mansion we will have many problems because there we can not be there. Knowing where to pass, what enemies best to avoid and when to attack – there are open


areas where it is complicated to make our crimes disappear – is key. This also happens in the outdoor areas where there is a lot of NPC that can alert our movements


Hitman improves his credentials a lot with this second chapter, which changes the scale of Paris by many more possibilities and mechanics to touch each other. At the visual level, the chosen place and the overall finish is really attractive, and we will have an important


challenge if we want to complete the third of the objectives that we have marked in the contract. Replayable by the variety of options available, demanding in the management of items such as costumes or bodies that we leave in sight -with nuances- and the feeling that


we are before pure Hitman classic, although there are some mistakes of enemy AI and some NPC that can sometimes give us some concession that maybe we do not deserve.