Heroes of the Storm: under Stukov’s ass

For the Russian mother! 
I said Stukov is a very special support, more effective in the late game than at first, but really satisfying when he realized when to activate his distinctive trait, once again the focal point of the character.

Biodiesel (D) is an active ability. Activation explodes all the pathogens applied by Stukov. Each Curative Path takes care of the target of 500 health points, and each Infected Pista inflicts 100 damage points, slowing down the 70% target for two seconds. The recharging time of this skill is quite high, and for this reason it is not to be spammed, but, in turn, thrown with a timid overpower.

The first ability, Curative Pathogen (Q), infects an allied hero with a pathogen that cures the target of 240 health points in 4.5 seconds. Pathogens can spread on an allied hero every 0.75 seconds. Every single pathogen can spread once per hero. This is the ability Stukov cares for his allies. At first the treatments are not very high since you are forced to use Biodiesel to be effective.

With the advancement of the game, accompanying some talents that improve the ability, Stukov is able to cure a huge amount of health points.With a bit of practice, I found every match to have cared more than any support hero, ally and opponent. One of the most important things to do is what causes the Curative Path to remain after the Biodiversity activation.

The second skill is definitely aggressive, that is, Pustola Infetta (W). The ability allows Stukov to fire a pust that hits enemy heroes on the trajectory, inflicting 20 damage and slowing down enemies by 5%, up to a maximum of 50% in 3 seconds. When the effect ends or the pustrow abandons the target, it inflicts 80 additional damage. Even this pustule can spread to other enemy targets, so it will be more and more effective for Biodiesel.

The third skill, as well as the most “odd”, is Oppressive Arm (E). This is a channel ability, with which an area is created at a point that silences the enemies and deals them 144 damage per second. Inflicts 50% less damages to non-heroic units. The peculiarity is that channeling does not cost Mana, and it lasts until the skill is interrupted or canceled. While Stokhan can not move or attack, he can launch Biodiversity in any case.

In teamfighting this ability with the right eye changes the fate of the clash, also because one of the talents guarantees more damage to those who have less than half the life span.It is also useful for eating, although it does have minor damage, in particular from a safe distance to hit behind the defensive walls, or help those who collect server on the map.

Finally heroic skills. The first is Tugging Sweep (R), with which Stukov hits three times in front of him in 1.75 seconds, inflicating 50 damage to the affected enemies and repelling them. I have tried to exploit this skill at best, and although the paper may seem interesting, Stukun’s second heroic skill is infinitely superior when done practically. Stupid push (R) causes Stukov to extend his arm, pushing a hit hero until he finds an obstacle. Inflicts 200 damage, and the hero gets 50 points of resistance while pushing.