Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human Publishers New Atmospheric Narrative Game

Company Quantic dream announced a partnership with a French studio Parallel Studiofounded by people from Ubisoft, DONTNOD Entertainment and most Quantic dream… The authors Heavy rain and Detroit: Become Human will act as a publisher and help the young team with the release of their own project.

According to preliminary information, Parallel Studio (“EqqO“,”White night“) Is engaged in some ambitious game with a focus on narrative, atmosphere and”poetic cinematography“.

Quantic dream will help Parallel Studio implement our plans through comprehensive support. Studio Guillaume de Fondomier and David Cage will take over marketing issues and also allow independent authors to use their animation and motion capture technologies.

Let us remind you that about your publishing ambitions Quantic dream for the first time announced last year… The studio has reorganized its work to not only deal with its own games, but also provide assistance to third-party companies.

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