Hearthstone – The News of 2017

After the year of the Kraken for Blizzard comes the year of Mammoth, which opens the doors to all the novelties of 2017: first of all, as we said, will disappear from the standard format the sets of Mason Roccianera, Grand Tournament and Lega degli Esploratori, bringing with he practically all the bouquets that declined with Reno Jackson and Brann, the most used cards of the last enumerated set. The Standard format will then be dominated by Ancient Ages, One Night at Karazhan and the Mec


cani Slum, plus the three new sets that will arrive this year and that we will probably begin to know about Boston’s GDC and PAX. There is still no official information, but we know that every set will bring with him 130 new cards, all to be obtained through the purchase of sachets: with this strategy, Blizzard would point to ‘ total cancellation of Adventure mode by creating free single play


er appointments for each new set published. Of course the mechanics is to be deepened and understood better, but it would surely have to keep up a dynamic that did not give big scenes in the last year, except in the chattering challenge with Karazhan’s chess.

Hearthstone - The News of 2017

Old glories
However, we come to the main change that the next rotation will bring with it. Blizzard estimated it was necessary, after a few years, to eliminate other Standard format cards: we speak of Zaffiro’s Draco, Sylvanas Ventolesto, Ragnaros, Tearing Power, Ice Lancing and Coverage. We have ordered them in a scattered way, but it is clear that the first three are the most significant


moves, being the cards that still have an important role to play, especially Ragnaros, which continues to be useful in closing the game in several bouquets. It will be visibly difficult to succeed in replacing such cards, especially Azure Drake, who personally could drop in any bunch almost as a virtually irreplaceable card. Sylvanas himself has, to this day, the most powerful Death Ra


ntle of the whole game, while offering the same effect as the Priest’s Mental Control, which costs 10 Mana. The Ice Lancia, in turn, hits the Freeze Mage, losing its thirty damage combo, between Magic Damage + and other magic. The peculiarity of this retirement – which is always to be read as a passage to the Wild format, which cou


ld receive a boost from players – is that we will not be forced to discard the cards to get dust: Blizzard’s goal, by the way, is to try to keep the Wild format alive, then pushing players to discard cards that can continue to be used in this other mode would not make much sense. For this up to a maximum limit of how many cards can be placed in a deck you will be able to receive the equivalent in Arcane Powder for all the cards that will be included in the Old Glories. Ragnaros, therefore, will allow you to have your Dust 1600s, without losing the paper, and so does Sylvanas and all the others.

Hearthstone - The News of 2017

Gifts to the faithful
There is no end here, however, why a new Hero will arrive: this is Maiev Cantombroso, which will be available after winning 10 games at Hearthstonein Standard format, no matter whether Friendly or Ranking. The elf of the night will then join you without much difficulty and quite quickly, with the love that accompanies it for over 10,000 years, with all the features of Rogue. Maiev w


ill not be the only Blizzard gift, because since the beginning of the Mammoth year, awaiting the first expansion, there will be rewards for the daily connection: Dust, gold and sachets will be available rewarding your constancy, which is Practice nowadays of most of the f2p.