Hearing leak: Tales from the Borderlands trailer re-released with a possible teaser for the second season

One user Reddit published a trailer for the still officially unannounced re-release of episodic adventure game today Tales from the borderlands from Telltale games.

The video is divided into two fragments (1 and 2) and recorded in a rather mediocre quality, but to learn something interesting from it all the same it is possible. According to the leak, Tales from the Borderlands: Redux It will offer a mode with comments by developers, a code, a gallery with concept art and other previously unused content, including a bonus mini-episode. According to the trailer, the project is created with the participation of the studio. Adhoc and will go on sale this year, but on which platforms is still unknown.

Moreover, at the very end of the video you can see the number “2“clearly hinting at season two Tales from the borderlands. Earlier about development Tales from the borderlands 2 the rediditor reported hereitismydudewhich, even before the official announcement, leaked truthful information about The Wolf Among Us 2 and Batman: shadows edition.

Last year, the original version of Tales from the Borderlands was discontinued in all digital stores.

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