Hatred got a huge notoriety when he presented himself for the apology to the senseless violence he proclaimed. The game, an isometric view shooter like many others we have seen, with the particularity that its main purpose is to annihilate any human being who crosses our path by the simple fact that our protagonist hates the species and wants to see everyone turned to dust.


Polvareda is precisely what raised this theme or main argument. The creators limited themselves to saying that they wanted to be honest with what they proposed and that things like


those that happen in Hatred are seen in many other games (and they are right). But they also said that they were fully aware of the reactions that awaited them when they presented it. So the controversy, more or less sought, was going well. Talk about me,

But the controversy serves for this, to fill the weeks before a release. He retired from Steam, then returned with the apologies of Gabe Newell, was a success in


Greenlight and when it has gone on sale for 16 euros it has become a sales hit on Steam. And in the end, the important thing is what you find when you buy the game, beyond making judgments about whether your argument and your proposal should be recriminated or not. And that’s where the game plays.


And that is where the note of this analysis makes all its sense. Let no one be deceived, this analyst is not a kind of Supreme Sparrow that tries to execute according to his own faith. Simply, Hatred is not a good game. Whether killing humans or killing aliens.

Hatred (PC) screenshot

The playable proposal is tremendously flat, repetitive and lack of variety. We control our murderer leaving home prepared to massacre the civilians of his district. With an analog stick we control its movement and with the right, we aim. A button to shoot, one for


grenades, another to aim at medium-long distance, run with the analog stick, a kick attack, one to change weapons and execute enemies that fall to the ground and one last to bend over and shoot with Greater precision. So far, logical and without anything that goes out of the ordinary in this type of action games.

While we are shooting, massacring enemies, we fulfill the main objective, which is to clean various areas. There will also be other missions like reaching a certain point on the map or doing some specific task, but in general everything is related to killing and killing.


The most extreme violence of the game is in the executions we do when we send someone to the floor with a kick or we shoot him but we do not kill him, where we will see animations with all kinds of murders at the hands of our protagonist.


As the chaos we generate progresses, the police and other security agents, such as the SWAT, will come to stop us. They are the moments of greatest challenge, since they usually come in a group, have several firearms and shoot at us from different flanks.