Hanzo Seeks Atonement – Cosplay on Overwatch Character

Cosplayer Nikolai Luno_o Kirkorov recreated the image of Hanzo from Overwatch. In the photo shoot, he repeated moments from the short film “Two Dragons” from Blizzard. In its story, Hanzo fights against his brother Genji in the Shimada castle, which the developers turned into a map of Hanamur.

Hanzo is a Shimada murderer who changed his life after nearly killing his own brother. The hero appeared along with the release of the shooter in 2015. In battle, he uses a bow and specializes in dealing damage. The cosplayer also portrayed Hanzo’s ultimate ability, with which he fires an arrow in the form of a dragon.

At the BlizzCon 2019 exhibition, Blizzard announced Overwatch 2. The developers said that in the second part of the shooter, PvE missions, new PvP modes and characters will appear.

Source: KIRA photoarts