Halo Infinite Battle Pass XP can only be earned through Challenges – review Addiction

Community manager of the studio 343 Industries confirmedwhat’s in multiplayer Halo infinite You will not be able to earn Battle Pass XP simply by playing matches.
Players will have to complete various challenges to progress through the Battle Pass. And although the tests may require you to play matches or win, even at the testing stage, the developers faced with a problem when players ran out of challenges.
A little later, the developers talked about other problems of the testing system that were revealed during the testing phase. For example, the authors were unable to reject tasks that could not be completed with bots alone. This resulted in players’ progress on the Battle Pass being blocked. This will be fixed for release.

For now, 343 Industries plans to release a version of the game where it is extremely difficult to exhaust all daily challenges, but not impossible. Halo Infinite will be released on December 8th on Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC, as well as Xbox Game Pass. At the same time, the first season of shareware multiplayer starts.

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