Guitar Hero Live

The main thing – it’s new controller. Freestyle Games has already indicated in a non-standard approach Dj Hero, and Guitar Hero Live developers decided that the old type guitars with buttons in a row it’s time to retire. The key task of the new controller – to get closer to this guitar. And the developers have got it.

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New Guitar less than the old one, is ideal for a hike to a friend

The new controller six buttons, but they are now arranged in two rows one above the other. Thus it came “emulate” two strings and three frets, adding to the game a kind of bar (when clamped the two buttons located above each other).

Button combinations become more diverse thanks to this approach, at higher difficulty levels the game will force you to constantly rearrange your fingers without requiring stretching hand from the little finger to the index finger to press the two outer keys, as it was in the old controllers.

This arrangement creates a feeling that you still play the guitar instead of keyboards.

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New guitar much closer to the “real” by giving up five in a row of buttons

Also, the authors returned to the tremolo, which many liked. But it fanservis, no practical use, it can not be held – but it’s nice to see the attention to detail. This results in a nice new controller, which allowed the variety of gameplay, without compromising comfort.

Another important feature of the new Guitar Hero – the opportunity to play in two ways: if possible to generalize, then there is the multiplayer and single player.

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A single game is called Guitar Hero Live. This is an attempt to update the Freestyle Games-established format of these games. Here changed everything, except, perhaps, the guitar neck in the middle, in which moving notes.

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In the background is no longer a strange three-dimensional characters, but real people with live recordings made at the concert venues. It looks a little strange, but there is a fresh and interesting.

Especially in concert mode when a video is added to the entry on stage with preparations for the march.

These small rollers perfectly capture the atmosphere, and you will subconsciously try to play better, so as not to disappoint the crowd of fans. Especially strong this effect is in large arenas where thousands of people are looking at you.

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But it creates certain difficulties. The fact is that when a player is no longer hit the notes, video changes dramatically and that’s before your eyes already indignant crowd with placards

«Go away» ( «Go away!»), «Pain» ( «Pain”) and so on. And as your group begins to look askance at you (well, at least some of them try to support you – it calms a bit). At first it seems like a great idea, because if the audience did not respond to a bad game, it would be weird. But there is a problem.

When you first turn on Guitar Hero Live concert starts: you go on to explain that and how it works here. And if done right training is excellent as a sound check behind the scenes, then the concert left me with the most painful memories of all the rhythm games.

Never before have I felt such shame to the public, trying to adjust to the game are constantly changing compensation lag and adjust to the complexity (ie, the velocity of the notes).

Smart adaptive systems made learning a mockery of the player as soon as you start to play better, the difficulty varies, for it changes the music speed and latency of the image, which will inevitably lead to blunders, due to which the room begins to hate the player, along with the rest of his own group.

In this case, return the old delay and complexity of the game is not in a hurry, forcing suffer all three tracks.

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Tormented about half an hour to the setting of the lag, it became clear that it should be easy to endure. And then another, and listen as local radio and Twitter, which comments on the last concert on the screen with the account, tell us how awful it was.

If everything is so bad, that is, whether it makes sense to play? You will be surprised, but yes, it makes sense. Such “a torture” system is present only in training, after passing the game ceases to be smart and you can play without any problems. Tracks felt good, the difficulty is chosen in advance and always clear where, and most importantly, why you missed past notes.

I would like to also mention that the concert is not the usual mode of counter points, what is done is likely to preserve the atmosphere of a live performance.

But when you start a single track – the classic system of stars and factors in place, so that fans of the series will feel right at home.

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We proceed to the track list. In Guitar Hero Live in the core set are all 42 tracks, and it’s quite a bit. Yes, it does have major hits – somehow even Skrillex Eminem and hit him, but it is very small. And here comes into play Guitar Hero TV.

Guitar Hero TV – it’s streaming service, which is constantly playing music. In style it is similar to the classical music television with short breaks for advertising and defined schedule: an hour of rock, metal hour and so for each genre. Schedule available on the main screen of the service, so that you can schedule what time you want to connect.