GTA 6 leaked Rockstar Games tester

Expected by many gamers Grand theft auto vistudio is developing Rockstar games, leaked one of its testers to the network.

The network has new information on GTA VI from a man who claims to be a Rockstar game tester, including he tested Red Dead Redemption 2. According to, he has provided many new facts on a future action on the Reddit forum. For some reason, the post with the leak was immediately deleted, but network users managed to save all the information from the drain. The main attention of the new leak is concentrated on the GTA 6 map, which, apparently, will be simply huge. The main action will take place in Carser City (east coast of the USA, a city based on Boston) and in the city of Vice City (based on Miami). The tester notes that the dimensions of the Grand Theft Auto V card compared to Grand Theft Auto 6 are a “playground” due to the enormous size of the second.

It is reported that in Grand Theft Auto VI various effects, including weather, will be significantly improved. The developers are inspired by the realistic approach of Red Dead Redemption 2. The tester notes that GTA VI will continue the idea of ​​GTA 5 with several protagonists. The main characters in the new part will be a guy and a girl, one of whom is an undercover cop. “I know that there will be several main characters who can be brother and sister,” the tester said. Also, he said, the approach to missions will change. They will become more non-linear. Players can forever refuse to complete certain missions. Some tasks will have several paths that will have different consequences.

The author of the leak also said that in addition to the two cities in GTA 6 there will be various smaller towns and suburbs. According to the tester, it is very difficult to walk the entire map of the game on foot, and therefore in the game a great emphasis is placed on flights. At the same time, the world is very detailed. According to the author, Rockstar employees are primarily focused on the vast world of the game, which adjusts the game mechanics, but so that players are interested in playing. The tester describes Grand Theft Auto 6 in such a way that, according to him, it can easily become the last part in the series, after which developers can safely retire, knowing that they can not surpass it.

According to, GTA VI has not yet been officially announced, despite numerous leaks. Also not known is the release date. Various rumors refer to several dates. One of the often mentioned is the year 2023. In addition, according to rumors, GTA 6 will be released on a new generation of consoles: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.