Grow Up

Grow Home was a direct title. Learn the controls, make the star plant grow. Collect crystals and skills to get around in the highest areas. Do not fall an


d get to the ship. But Grow Up seems to want to be more traditional video game and less experiment, moving away from the simple objective and offering us a bigger map, freedom of movement, many secondary missions with countless collectibles to collect and optional challenges. What was said: more traditional video game.


The result is good, although we can not help having the feeling of having lost something of that unique essence that the original had, focused on the growth of the stellar plant as the only incontestable means of reaching our destination, where a f


all before arriving The control point meant climbing back more carefully. Grow Home, because of its openness and full of tasks, can not be closed so much, and offers us multiple ways to reach the highest levels. The star plant is just one of them.



In fact, if you want, you can abandon the promotion through it. Now, BUD has the ability to analyze and replicate plants in the environment, with different functions. Some are high, to climb, others make us bounce, others drive us … And thanks to them and the inestimable help of POD , a talking satellite with which to have an aerial perspective of the planetoid, we will b


e perfectly able to reach the Moon, our ultimate goal, without the need to grow stellar plants. In fact, with the simple help of a plant that drives us up and the bubble that takes us hundreds of meters into the air, you will be perfectly able to get anywhere you want, leaving the collection of all plants in a goal more secondary than necessary.


Grow Up analysis

The verticality has expanded pleasantly, but also the control points, in case we fall.

And so it is, because our main objective will be to collect the pieces of the ship where we travel with MUM , and have been distributed throughout the planetoid after an accident in an asteroid field. Picking them up, we are challenged to try to reach


the highest and most remote areas of the whole planetoid, while we collect very useful skills such as the backpack, the air brake and the new h


ang glider, other secondary ones that will help us find all the crystals of energy and others that do not finish convincing for the development of the adventure, like the ability to make us ball, to the Metroid.


Grow Up PC

Grow Up seems to want to be more traditional video game and less experiment

All while we travel this planetoid that looks as much or more spectacular than the planet of the first game. Dreamlike colors a

nd small rocks that rise from the surface as we move from the day to the night hemisphere in almost the blink of an eye. It will be very difficult not to be enthralled with its design and the number of nooks that hide collectables and secondary missions everywhere.


Grow Up

Grow Up PC

Artistically, Grow Up shows that it was still capable of being even more beautiful than its predecessor, in an impressive display of color.

It is clear, then, that Ubisoft wanted this time to expand the Grow Home formula. While the original packaged all its characteristics into a single objective, here freedom is greater. It is relatively easy to find all the pieces and get to the Moon with the b


asic equipment of skills, important plants and the minimum number of crystals, but even doing it, the game invites you to continue to complete all the collectables and secondary challenges (where to demonstrate , for example, our expertise with hang gliding), so that the experience is much longer lasting.


The truth is that we are more admirers of the ability that had the first to make us want to perform all their activities naturally, as they were really useful to continue ascending the star plant to the ship. In Grow Up, the moment arrives in which to continue


playing is more an exquisite pleasure than a necessity for the mission. To continue enjoying the beautiful planetoid and its vortex of color, more than


to reach the ultimate goal of reaching the Moon. And there is a certain mastery in mastering all the challenges, connecting the four star plants and finding all the crystals, but it is a mastery relegated to those who want to continue investing hours and hours in this planetoid, aimlessly, before returning home.