Grim Dawn

We love its old-school scent, the one that is as true to the spirit of reference works as the memorable Devil , or more directly to the fantastic Titan Quest , which could be said to be a spiritual successor. Something otherwise understandable considering that


Crate Entertainment’s independent studio is made up of veterans who once worked on this classic role-playing action. One of our favorites, by the way.


That is why it is difficult for us to criticize such similarities. And yet we do it from the point of view of those who expect to find more news in a game of these characteristics.


It’s been about ten years since Titan Quest hit the market and we certainly expected more than just a change of scenery. There are new developments, of course, but in general terms we are talking about an extremely conservative video gam


e that also sins as well as being generic in the design of its dark fantasy world and the creatures that inhabit it. So yes, we like Grim Dawn, we fall in lo


ve, but at the same time it also disappoints us. In what proportion? Fortunately the virtues weigh more than the defects, to the point of having become one of our favorite “Devil-style” games.


Dark Dawn

Who was going to tell us when we began this bleak journey. If we had let ourselves be guided by the initial sensations, by those first hours of play, right now we would be talking about one of the biggest disappointments of recent years. How could it not

be: the combats feel at this point poor, too simple and lacking the emotion and intensity that is required of a work of these characteristics. “What a disaster,” we thought as we killed one after the other the infinite living
dead that swarmed around us. And many hours later … we were still there, although this time with a smile on our face. At last we enjoyed the glorious chaos that we were looking for; At last we came across this long-awaited spiritual sequel to Titan Quest.


Grim Dawn PC

Grim Dawn analysis

Do not be fooled by the first bars of the adventure. The action of Grim Dawn is so intense, that sometimes you will feel overwhelmed by the enormous amount of monsters that will come your way.

Something that is noticeable and much in the system of progression of skills for which it has been wagered, this being its best asset.


The freedom to create our hero is capitalized in the sense that not only invest experience points to unlock new skills and passive improvements, but in turn, as in Diablo or Titan Quest itself, you have the option to enhance Individual


ly, all these skills increase their level and, therefore, their effectiveness. In other words. If you want you can guide the steps of a warrior capable of using various combat skills, or specialize in the use of a few that obviously will be much more powerful. There is more.


With six character classes at our disposal, Grim Dawn also allows you to combine the skills of two different classes thus opening a wide range of options before which we can only take our hats off. It is spectacular the freedom that provides


in this respect, making even two characters based on the same archetype behave in a completely different way based on the skills and the selected battle team, which is not exactly scarce either. Guns, swords, war hammers, sp


ell books, amulets, axes, arcane sticks … there are so many options to choose from, so many paths to follow, that we are sure it will be a long time before all the combat possibilities offered by it are explored this adventure


His system of skill progression is undoubtedly one of his best assets

Although all this would do no good if the battles were boring afterwards. It is not the case. Despite those warm first measures of the adventure,

Grim Dawn will soon overwhelm us with a host of nightmare creatures that will attack en masse, and from all fronts, creating such chaos around us that it is difficult not to have a good time. There are no dodging movements or anything like that as see
n in more recent works, but that does not mean it is not essential to move around the stage like crazy. Hiding behind a parapet or moving quickly to one side will mean the difference between life and death in the toughest encounters. That they are not few precisely.


Grim Dawn PC

An all-out war

With great success, Crate Entertainment has plagued this dark fantasy world of dangerous jefazos that in the company of dozens of henchmen, will force us to constantly make the most of our hero’s abilities. In this sense, we love the aggressiv

eness shown by these monsters, who will not hesitate for a moment to persecute us like the hunter who harasses their prey. Did you
think that hiding in that house there in the background would escape their anger? No way. They will run and you will be assaulted without a quarter go where you go, which sometimes creates situations of maximum tension.


Grim Dawn

Devotion points add extra depth to the personalization of the heroes, giving access to lots of passive improvements and new abilities through this system of constellations.

Grim Dawn does


not forget either the faction system that we enjoyed in Titan Quest at the time. Good news. And it is because of the sense of continuity that it creates in this adventure, where we will truly notice that each of our actions affects the ecosystem that surrounds us. Have we crushed the Ethereals without respite? Such will be the hatred they feel for us t


hat they will gradually send more and more troops to meet us. Have we supported a group of survivors? Not only will they respond more


amicably to our questions, but they will also propose new missions, give us access to more options for trade, there will be discounts on their prices, exclusive objects … in short, we will feel that a friendship bond has been established.