Gremlins, Inc

At an average player when you first look at this game and dazzled brain starts to hurt. This, in my opinion, and it is the main problem. Other serious problems in the game there, it is beautiful.

“Gremlins” seem terribly confusing and complicated game, which at first absolutely nothing is clear. Despite my love of collectible card games (especially the magnificent national  Spectromancer ), turn-based strategy and to the rest zadrotstvo frank, I have it, too frightened. Indeed, to understand the basics of the game will need at least a couple of hours, but after the first game, you realize that it is not such zamorochennye what seemed. Yes, education is compulsory and some time will have to memorize the game board (it is always one and the same as in the “Dote”) and a deck, but no super-powers for this purpose is required.

The game itself is simple, just unusual, but the main thing – terribly interesting and addictive.

Naturally, I am writing this not to fans of virtual nastolok and CCT – they certainly have long to play it. I decided to take up this article for one reason – it seems to me, this game is able to go beyond its niche and attract new players to the genre, which previously could not and think that board games on the computer can be an adequate alternative to the evening of the AAA- a title or a pair of roller in any MOBA.

To convince potential converts I’ll have to start to give intelligible idea of ​​the game, trying not to go into the jungle.

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The essence of the game

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So, Gremlins, Inc – is a turn-sessional nastolki for 2-6 players – or network multiplayer, or match with bots. All matches are played on the same field on which players move their chips. Reference closest friends can serve as “Monopoly”.

The playing field here, though, is much more difficult – from the main ring moves ten stitches, plus there are a number of passes through the middle, but basically it’s all the same circular field on which to move most often only in one direction – counterclockwise.

The main games are a feature cards that players receive from the general pile. You have them always six spending one, you instantly get a new one.

The card can be used in two ways – either to spend it to move (instead of the traditional dice) and move around the board, or play a card, while receiving the effect of it – gold, votes, victory points or any problems for opponents.

Effet set and each of the 130 maps the effect of his – that’s something they have to remember and for the most part, to sort out the cards as such opportunities.

Play any card can be only in a particular cell on the board, which is listed on it. For example, a map of “Legacy” – the Bank, “Jackpot” – in the Casino, and so on.

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On the board there are 11 major-houses of cells, where it plays the most cards. Here between these locations and you have to run back and forth, trying to reach with your main card to the place where you can play as long as the other players do not ruin your plans: not taken necessary for the implementation of the card resources, not throw you in jail or away the card during a search.

“Gremlins” – is primarily a game about zapadlo.

Gather your loudest gasps and furious curses, but do not rush to spend it in the beginning – they still need you near the end of the match, when victory will be repeatedly taken out of your hand at the last moment. But do not think that the game you only get a bucket of frustration and frayed nerves – to quickly get used to failure and nothing but laughter is no longer in even the most hurtful framed. Contrary to seek his obstacles and intrigue opponents – that’s what a real pleasure.

At the beginning of each turn, you view your “hand” (their 6 card) and see on what you are going to build the game.

Choosing powerful card, or even a bunch of 2-3, you go back to where it can be played. Then, from the less useful the map select the one you decide to spend on travel.

Each card in addition to its effects have a fixed number of cells on which it can propel you on board. Average cards typically move into three cells, more powerful – at 4-6. Maps with rare abilities – one or two.

Of course, the longer will be able to go for the course than to get closer to the coveted building, the usually better, so powerful cards very tempting to spend on travel.

Leave with you card costs only when you have the resources to play it, or the way of their earnings in the near future. In another case, it is always better to sacrifice a powerful but useless until the card to get a guaranteed profit from the other, even if it is weaker.

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You have to understand that the game is very situational, disposition changes every move – can suddenly appear or disappear resources, you will hear a new card to replace spent and it will build a new sense of strategy. To save resources here is very difficult, because at any moment another player can activate an event, all players opolovinivayuschee money or some other stuff, so it’s best not to put everything on one card, and earn game points smaller, but more accessible portions.

In prison in “Gremlins” is not shameful to sit and not be bored, as opposed to “Monopoly”. This is disadvantageous, because you miss the moves and can not sell cards, but there you can download the prison rank and earn resources, therefore it is necessary to re-dragged to the desired I building in contact usually frustrating to jail me only that I, to which I almost came when I was tied.