Within the lineup of a publisher like Focus, there may be both full-time and near-coming games, instead of just sketched games, ready to face the long developmental times. The game in question has just emerged from the “creative” phase or that where artists, narrators and game designers have decided the direction and the point of arrival they want to reach.
Greedfall is the title of the above and it is the new game of the Spiders , which most resemble the recent Technomancer.
To make presentation 1to1 there was the CEO of the company personally who, after showing us an introductory trailer, was willing to tell us more about the game and answer all of our questions. A ruined world in search of hope
Greedfall , still at the dawn of its development, is a third-person GDR who seeks to detach itself from ever-changing action in recent years to return to propose a strategic and reasoned gameplay. As usual, in order to give us a more concrete idea, we have been aware of the possible closeness to the mechanics at Dragon Age Inquisition, but on these we will focus further on in the article.
The setting of the game is that of a parallel reality, evolvingly comparable to that of the 17th century baroque, in which the earth is on the brink of decline
because of a plague that gradually destroys it. The only way to solve the problem seems to be to travel to other continents in search of a cure, particularly one of them seems appropriate to the purpose, because after a first phase of colonization they put them in touch with elves-like units that live in symbiosis with nature. Magic, an element so far unknown to colonizing populations, will be an ambiguous, intriguing and fascinating element on the other indomitable but necessary for the old world.
Obviously colonization has also led businessmen, criminals and treasure hunters to look for luck in these lands. As shown by the trailer, on the one hand there will be the hunter man who wants to dominate the nature, and on the other hand the elf, which, in appearance weak but supported by the forces of the forest, will not surrender so easily.
Unfortunately, we do not know about the plot anymore, however, given the art design of the title combined with narrative premises, we must admit that a desire to find out how it will evolve has been born in us.
More Strategic and Less Action
After taking a look at the setting, still to see, we went to talk about gameplay, illustrated by the words of Spiders CEO . Greedfall, as mentioned above, recovers those that are the basis of third-person role-playing games with real-time strategic fights. We
will not be alone in our adventure, but we will have some of our characters who will support us both during the exploratory and fighting phases. In total, the party will consist of 5 members, but only two will only take part in the battles with us, and while fully controlled by artificial intelligence, it will be possible to guide them in actions similar to what was done in FF XII with the Gambi
t system. Roulette dynamics, on the other hand, will allow us to deal with history in many ways, taking different paths, but always interconnected. All our choices, as well as addressing or not certain side-quest