Graphics will have to pay: Studios are worried about the size of video games on Unreal Engine 5

The issue of the size of actual projects in the storage of gaming systems is what has often been raised recently on social networks. Over the past ten years, the average weight of games has grown significantly, the need to free 100 gigabytes for a fresh new product or an updated version after patches is a common thing.

But what awaits us with the arrival of a new generation? To this question in a conversation with the portal Wccftech tried to answer Ryan Sha, company programmer Kitatus and friendsAccording to the developer, games may weigh even more in the future. The reason for this will be the engine Unreal engine 5

“[UE5] looks absolutely fantastic. Especially technology Nanite… I had to lift my jaw off the floor when I saw everything in action. Thanks to Nanit, the process of creating assets is much easier, but along with this, certain questions arise. People already now, for example, scold Call of Duty Warzone for the unnecessarily high file size. And when Unreal Engine 5 allows us to work with uncompressed geometry, uncompressed textures and other components of the graphics, the final weight of the games will simply explode, which will lead to a number of new difficulties, “the developer shared his thoughts.

Console release Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X should take place before the end of this year. Standard configurations of both systems will come with SSD drives, where the hardware is from Sony will offer 825 GB free space, and the decision is from Microsoft boasts a value in 1 TBwhich is clearly not enough anyway.

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