Grand Theft Auto IV unexpectedly withdrawn from sale on Steam

Last night adventure thriller Grand theft auto iv without explanation, was unexpectedly discontinued in the digital distribution service Steam. The page with the game in the store is still in place, however, buy a project Rockstar games today is no longer possible. This applies to both the original game and the edition. Complete edition with additions The lost and damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, although a separate compilation Episodes from Liberty City still available at the same price.

Resource Pcgamesn He turned to Rockstar for a comment, but has not yet received a response from the publisher. Presumably, the company might again have problems with expired music licenses for in-game radio stations. This already happened in 2018, when part of the old music was removed from GTA IV and replaced with new compositions, but then the situation was decided by a simple patch – the game itself was not removed from sale.

If Grand Theft Auto IV has already been added to your Steam library, you can still freely download it without any restrictions.. In addition, the game continues to be sold in digital stores on consoles. Xbox 360, Xbox one and Playstation 3, and the Steam version is technically still available for purchase on third-party sites, like Humble.

The only other unsolved problem is that over the past years, developers have not found the time to untie the game from the long-dead service Games for Windows Live. For this reason, the project is not in the recently launched Rockstar launcher..

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