And it does not matter, because for Grand Kingdom endless battles – just the scenery against which we as abstract, but presumably a talented commander of mercenaries engaged in the direct duties: hire soldiers, train and dress, split into groups of four, and then to lead them, performing a variety of missions. And so every day, until you get bored.

Review of Grand Kingdom

The first impression of Grand Kingdom deceptive: it seems that the game continues the tradition of Valkyria Chronicles in terms of crossing tactical RPG and Action.

That is, go to the battle, the characters traditionally, one by one, but the attack is already in real time. And because the Kingdom – sprite game in the usual fantasy “medieval” setting, as opposed to the “Chronicles”, turn-based battles it is not diluted by the shooter, and something vaguely resembling dimensional fighting game.

To damage, often enough to order someone to attack. And if, for example, playing for the archer, enough time to press the fire button when the screen scrolls sight will on the enemy, the soldiers close combat have to do quite full combo, where important and the distance and time of each stroke, and the height to which he He throws the opponent.

While not adapt himself, attacks pass targets, their spells hurt and fights seem pretty chaotic and absurd. In one of the first fights I diligently vytselivat the enemy, but, although incised game parabola its distal end pointing directly at him, thrown bottles of acid eventually crashed on the back too much butt risen comrade. In general, if the classical TRPG usually given in advance exactly see how many squares walks and hits every unit, the Kingdom of such “chess” is trying to get away.

Plan is necessary “by eye”, in the process, trying to figure out how many strokes enough action points, which will fly away as a result of the enemy, and without giving it there in the fall of our badly wounded comrade. In a situation where the whole “mnogohodovki” can go down the drain because of one silly mistakes, we have to take into account the fines,

Review of Grand Kingdom


The Kingdom for some time wondering just play. Try a combination of punches and see what works in any situation. Alternate classes, set their mercenaries in a formation, as if preparing for battle toy soldiers. Decide where to put a first aid kit, and where to bury the trap.

Then, under atmospheric music in the background great traced in Vanillaware style landscapes look like your notion of being put into practice. Improvise interesting even with the basic techniques, but opened more and more. Hitting, beating on the areas which are activated in the “ambush” the progress of the enemy, preventing its advancement spikes. A field for experimentation opens huge.

Just play and enjoy prevent two circumstances. First, suffering from chronic suicide AI fighters who beat without examining their own and others, bursting through the created by them (sometimes at the same turn) poisonous clouds and seems to be concerned only in order to have time to apply all of our lives for the short life skills, regardless of whether or not to be is the use of them. Secondly, the balance of the curve, where some classes (in Japan, by the way, sold as DLC) are too good, and others have all chances to die without receiving the course, because in line for it, they are always closer to the end. Little confusing and many skills, such as slow effects do not justify themselves almost never like poisoning.

And the presence of in-game characters throwers in the rear of the enemy catapults makes it almost useless multiple barriers and traps.