Gran Turismo Sport

Times that change

Entering the main menu you will immediately notice the change of route operated by Gran Turismo Sport : in addition to the arcade mode, consisting of thirty-eight races to be carried out without incurring penalties and using all the clever tricks that the series has been accustomed to for twenty years , we find the Campaign mode, ideally divided into three macro sections.
Arcade races are gradually unlocked as the pilot level increases, they have no special conditions to undergo and operate just like in the old Gran Turismo released on PSP.
In Campaign Mode, depending on the challenges you are facing, you may be disqualified if you go out of the way, touch an opponent, or hit a guard; In any case, you will not be able to operate in any way on the race options, as it will obviously be the game to put bets, as is the case in multiplayer competitions.
The campaign, we said, is made up of the Academy of Guides , the Missions Challenge and the Circuit Experience, which serve as a preparation for Sport mode, the true heart of the product and the new proposal conceived by Yamauchi and members.
Within the Academy you will find several mini challenges that actually replace the old patents, without however being bound to take part in subsequent competitions. In Missions Challenge you will have to push your driving techniques to the fullest by eight different stages in which you have to climb on the bolids and meet certain conditions, such as reaching very high speeds before cutting off the finish line or winning the races.
In Circuit Experience, you will learn strategies to dominate each track, thanks to the mini-challenges set in the different circuit sections. These are basically the content you will find in the single player ..
Gran Turismo Sport, review of the new chapter on e-sports

The champions go down the track

The Sport mode is the nerve center of the experience of play, because once completed the few missions proposed by the so-called campaign, all that remains will be the online challenges. Within it you will find daily races and championships where you will have to win the win for other players, and we do not believe that over time most of the real career that many would like to find offline will somehow be present in the multiplayer.
Scandite from a calendar that will be full of events in the coming months, the competitions are designed to take the utmost out of your urge to lead, pushing you to become the dominant of the asphalt that will hardly make a mistake and will try to improve. days, times and become unchallenged leaders.
If you make this vision, you could potentially no longer stand out from Gran Turismo Sport ; if you come from previous chapters and think that this is not the evolution of the series, you’d better think about it very well before buying.
Great, at least conceptually, the system of growth and penalties, which favors a clean, correct and smashing guide, demonstrating a philosophy that is to be maintained against human opponents as well.
The Pilot Classification (CP) refers to its “speed”, improves with the achievement of positive results and consists of levels starting from E (class from which all must start), until they reach S.
The Classification Sportiveness ( CS) takes into account the driver’s sporting behavior; Consequently, inducing other cars to get out of the track or tamponarle them will mean having a bad reputation and grooming compared to everyone else. The more the pilot rating is high, the more points you can get during the championships, which consist of several racing circuits to be completed on the proposed days.
Although this penalty system is a good deterrent for those who tend to drive incorrectly and anarchistly, there really is a need for an important refinement, since it is really too easy to touch other cars during melee or to undergo real injustice when the guilt is exclusively of those who have tamped you; In addition, the online collision system is a bit too arbitrary and punitive: the game calculates that you have to pass through a car that becomes a ghost version when you go to it at sustained speed, but sometimes this happens even when you are at modest speeds; the same thing happens when you are just touched or bullied by an opponent, without understanding how the system judges the collisions and the impact speed.
Each race has precise rules, so you can not set the level of damage, tire wear, or fuel consumption. If you want to experience the thrill of driving in the way you feel more realistic, and therefore without such aids, you will have to limit yourself to some personalized race.