Gran Turismo Sport

First laps on the track
Gran Turismo Sport immediately gives you the pleasure of giving you an Audi TTS Coupé as the first car to be beautifully seen in the garage, in the beautiful photo mode or to make the first rounds in one of the available slopes, which you can also choose freely beyond the Expected competitions, maybe to test the driving model, train or get used to the first races.
As you’ve already seen in the beta, it’s clear that this is a habit that only newbies will have to capture, because in Gran Turismo Sport there is nothing really different or relevant that you have not already seen in the driving model classic of the saga. Of course, this means that along with the merits of popular ” SimArcade ” there are also the usual defects, with all that comes in terms of fun, “realism” and level of challenge.
In Arcade mode, you can still drive as you are 20 years ago, giving your car to the car or tackling a high-speed curve thanks to the comfort of the car’s protection you are trying to overcome.No penalties are provided and a much more pronounced mode of immediacy is added. Also consider that not all races are available from the beginning, because there is a progression system that unlocks circuits as your pilot level increases.
Before accessing the final trials represented by the Nürburgring and then successfully completing the thirty-three races, you must have reached the pilot level 20. If you remember how it worked in Gran Turismo that came out on PSP, you will have a pretty clear idea of ​​what we are talking about .
Gran Turismo Sport, review in progress
Online competition. And career mode?
If you are excited to face a challenging career mode, with many themed events dedicated to individual teams, the type of traction, displacement and categories, it is good that raffreddiate the hot spirits immediately: In Gran Turismo Sport there ‘ is nothing of all this.
The Gran Turismo Sport Campaign is divided into three categories: Academy of Guides, Missions Challenge and Circuit Experience. All three are specially designed to allow the player to feel comfortable and learn and drive before taking part in online challenges.
To access these videos, you’ll first need to see two movies that explain good behavior rules, such as avoiding to make a counters or snapping an opponent to the point of driving it out of the way. All this testifies to Yamauchi’s philosophy and explains, in part, the reasons for the “rigidity” of the GT’s.Once inside, you will realize that the developer’s desire was to move part of the classic campaign that was usually offline, and include it through a calendar that includes single and championship races in a multiplayer context.
Missions Challenge includes eight stages in which you are asked to meet certain conditions within some circuit portions. You will have to overcome the curve cars, get first from a disadvantaged position, hit peaks of great speed without even touching a rival and other fun but not really challenging trials for a veteran of the series, used to exhausting sessions and races that often repeated several times.
Circuit experience sweeps the main circuits and gives you the chance to try out mini-challenges to play on the different parts of the individual circuits. It essentially serves to make you familiar with the tracks and allow you to store the staccato points and trajectories. Campaign mode is structured to be a viatic for the main mode, which is online.
From what we could see, less than sensational surprises that are unlocked once you complete more or less everything (but we doubt it, given the setting of the play structure), the contents of Gran Turismo sports seem to be very poor, comparable roughly what you could have in a GT Prologue .
Nothing new to point out about artificial intelligence, which remains essentially unchanged to that of twenty years ago: cars follow their trajectory, they do not resist when you try to overcome them, they will never try to overcome you if you are not to commit lapalissian errors.
 The damage, on the other hand, is the tedious ones seen in the GT 6, with the bodywork of cars just getting wet and undergoing some paintbrush even if you go crashing at crazy speeds against the protections. We are also sorry for some situations where physics is extremely imaginative: we are talking about rallies, which, especially if faced with the outside view, offer really exaggerated and unrealistic skates.