Google Stadia finally has an interface for achievements – review

Company Google announcedthat her service Stadia finally got an interface for achievements. Now players can view the list of available (except secret) and received “achievements”, including those that were earned before the update. Previously, trophies were recorded secretly.

Users will also receive notifications when they earn achievements. Unfortunately, at the moment, notifications cannot be turned off to, for example, record a video. In addition, the developers note that not all games support “achievements”.

Recall that Google Stadia launched on November 19, but at the start of the service not received some useful features. In addition, it was originally planned that at the launch of Google Stadia will be only 12 games, but later the starting line have expanded up to 22 projects.
One of the latest service library replenished Borderlands 3, which was released on Google Stadia without the latest updates and the first plot additions.