Google Stadia already tested on third-party Android smartphones – review

Despite all the criticism, the developers Google stadia are preparing to expand the user base, and therefore test their service on smartphones of other brands. Now it is available only on the Pixel.

In recent weeks, smartphone owners OnePlus 6T, Samsung Galaxy 10e and Note 9 began to report that when they try to start the service they are no longer offered a choice between PC and Chromecast Ultra. That is, testing has already been launched, although access is given only within the framework of one session.

Apparently, Google collects data and randomly selects the lucky ones from the total number of users. It is expected that this year testing will be deployed wider, and maybe it will come to the mass beta test.

However, while the search giant only probes the soil, Danish student Sebastian Oersted decided not to be petty and launched Destiny 2 via stadia on e-book Onyx Book Max 3. Yes, on a device with an E-ink screen with a diagonal of 13.3 inches, which costs about 53 thousand rubles.

This was implemented using the function X mode, which increases the refresh rate of the screen. According to the enthusiast, the video delay on Max 3 ranged from 0.5 to 1 second, which is pretty good considering the display technology.