Goiti Sudi finally completes the storyline DLC for Fire Pro Wrestling World – review

Studio Spike chunsoft announcedwhat to expect for fans of the wrestling simulator Fire pro wrestling world in 2023.

In January, players can once again support the legendary wrestler Yoshihiro Takayama. His career ended in 2017 after an unsuccessful admission: Takayama damaged his spine and has since been paralyzed. All funds from the sale Yoshihiro Takayama Charity DLC – Part 2 go to the fund Takayamania.

In September 2019, the first part of the charity addition Yoshihiro Takayama brought nearly 4 million yen (more than two million rubles). The developers thank all the players for supporting the idols of the past and are preparing new additions dedicated to Takayama.

In the new year, the plot addition should finally come out The vanishingcreated by the famous game designer Goiti Suda. His announced back in 2017, they were going to release in 2019, but ultimately moved to February.

The hero of the storyline DLC will be a young wrestler, the son of a wrestler Morio Sumisu. Father’s life tragically ended at the peak of his career. Will the son be able to get to the top, avoiding such a fate?

Recall that one of the first works of the Courts was an incredibly gloomy and tragic story mode Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special for SNES.

In the spring of 2023, Spike Chunsoft plans to summarize support for Fire Pro Wrestling World. The developers did everything they planned and wanted to release. In the end, they will give players tools to create their own fighters and their movements, Parts Craft and Move Craft modes. And the remaining time will be devoted to improving the game balance, fixing errors and additional polishing of the DLC.

Fire Pro Wrestling World was released on PC in 2017, and after a while appeared on PS4. IN Steam she got very positive reviews. For two years, seven additions to the simulator were released.