Goichi Suda’s Two The Silver Case Games Coming To Nintendo Switch

Studio Grasshopper Manufacture together with NIS America and Playism announced a new re-release of two Goichi games “Suda51” Courts. To collection The Silver Case 2425 will include the game designer’s debut project The silver case and its sequel, The 25th Ward: The Silver Case
Both games will receive an HD remaster for the new release. In addition, a limited collector’s edition is in the works, which will include the soundtrack by Masafumi Takada, the hardcover artbook, the original Red, Blue, and Green comics and the Kill the Past x Kill the Life poster.

The plot of The Silver Case revolves around legendary serial killer Kamui Uehara, who appears to have returned 20 years later for a new streak of murders. The 25th Ward: The Silver Case takes place five years later and begins with the murder of a woman in a residential complex. Although the main characters are new this time, a number of characters from the first part appear in the game.

The Silver Case 2425 launches in Europe on July 9th on Nintendo Switch. The remasters of The Silver Case and The 25th Ward: The Silver Case have previously been released separately on PC and PlayStation 4.

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