Goichi Suda would like to make a game under the Marvel license – about Deadpool or Quicksilver

Creator No More Heroes Goichi Suda stated that he would like to work on a game about a Marvel character.

A Japanese game designer told about this during a live broadcast IGN Japanwhen asked what the studio is Grasshopper Manufacture plans to do after the finale of the No More Heroes series.

“Basically, we already have a lot of projects going live. Over the next 10 years, we will release three original IPs that are already planned and in development.

So you can definitely look forward to tons of interesting new IPs from Grasshopper. We have other plans, of course, and we are working hard on them to bring them to life.

But personally, I would also like to work with Marvel on a game about Shutterstar or Deadpool – some Grasshopper-style hero. Maybe it would be Mercury. So, Marvel, now you know. “

Last week the Court issued No more heroes iii… On the occasion of the release, the creator of the series posted a special message to fans, in which he made it clear that the third game was the end of the franchise.

The project is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. For review

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