Gods Will Be Watching

Unfortunately, the game did not have quite a bit, and it took only the second place in the overall standings. But the victory was not the main goal of the creators Gods Will Be Watching: thanks to the participation in the competition of the project has attracted a lot of attention – the Spaniards spoke.

A few months later, the developers have launched online IndieGoGo, less well-known analog Kickstarter, raising funds for the development of its new game.

She was full-length version of the Gods Will Be Watching. Little deception was revealed all that had the Spaniards from Ludum Dare, it is an advertisement, and they got it.

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Review Gods Will Be Watching.  Game Review - Image 4

Gods Will Be Watching tells the story of Sergeant Berdene, whose share fell mass difficult situations. The game consists of six episodes, most of which takes place in a small space (the scenery changes every time).

Due to the minimalist creation Spaniards recalls not interactive adventure, and a modest theatrical production. However, the small scale of operations with more than offset by the unusual gameplay and finds the moral side of the rough and tumble, which gets Berden.

On the shoulders of the main character go to the fate of a few people, good-natured dog and a robot in a smart frock coat. In order to survive in one of the company’s disparate episodes will need to somehow fix an old radio and a month do not kill each other.

And it’s not so simple: a restless sleep in the open air, the threat of an attack of wild animals, hunger, fatigue, and gave way to break the deadly virus anyone.

Berdenu have to provide food, repair equipment and unfortunate souls converse with fellow prisoners to defuse tempers. But even full self does not guarantee success.

Followed the surprise attack of the midnight food shortages able overnight to pay all your efforts wasted. However, such situations can be avoided: one shot, strangely enough, not only to cool the ardor of your comrades, but also reduce the number of “parasites” who need to be fed – in the long term this will lead to positive results.

Murder entrusted you to the characters – not the only choice on who will break your head: Gods Will Be Watching does not divide the world into black and white. And even more – the game does not allow evaluation of the decision.

You can kill for the fun of all the satellites the day before the rescue – please, you will not stop, everything depends on your conscience and ethical principles. Gods Will Be Watching creates a sense of responsibility for people’s lives, and sometimes it is even stronger than in some Heavy Rain and Mass Effect.

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Unfortunately, with all the advantages Gods Will Be Watching it has one significant drawback – not interesting to play it. Each scene requires the repetition of the same actions for a long time.

And not the fact that perseverance will lead to success: the game hideously complicated. Moreover, to get a little bit of pleasure can only be on easy, but it will become permanent defeat a harsh reality. Death is in this case is perceived as punishment, after all, what it brings, is the repetition of boring patterns again and again.

At the heart of Gods Will Be Watching is a great idea; Spaniards come up with a lot of ambiguous situations and their solutions, but were unable to give their designs desired shape – repitativnost and excessive complexity probably scare off their game, even the most hardened indie fans.