“Getting Ready” – Microsoft Committed to the Main Game Show and Confirmed Participation in E3 2023

Last night it became known that Sony Interactive Entertainment for the second year in a row is not going to take part in E3. Instead, the company will focus on hosting its own events and will attend numerous other events around the world. The reason is the format of the exhibition that does not meet Sony’s plans for 2023.

Against the background of the publication of this news, the head of the gaming division Microsoft Phil Spencer deemed it necessary to confirm on Twitter that Xbox team will be present at E3 2023 and is now intensely preparing for its participation in the main gaming event of the year. According to the head of Xbox, this year will be an important milestone for creative and technological progress, and added that fans are an amazing part of every E3.

“Our team is working hard on E3, and we look forward to sharing with all game enthusiasts what the future holds. Our art form is constantly driven by creativity and technological progress – 2023 will be a key step in this journey for the Xbox team.”

“For me personally and the whole team, the most amazing thing about E3 from year to year is the fans. Respect and communication with fans occupies a special part for us of every such show.”

This year the doors of E3 will be open with 9 by June 11th. The event will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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