Get Even

Once entered, ours will be contacted by that Red, who will invite him to wear the special device for virtual reality Pandora, able to let him relive with some precision some of his past memories. That’s how Black’s memory came back to the time he was involved in a mysterious retrieval operation of a hostage, a poor girl with a chest-related bomb.

But what really happened in that franchise, and why does Black seem to be so tormented by this memory? We could go on filling up whole question pages: Get Even, in fact, is one of those titles that has fun to challenge the player by always offering new questions, but also with some answers.

The fiction of the game is much more complex than the scarce introduction we just mentioned, and surprised us in more than one occasion not so much for the themes but for the style chosen to tell the story. Having focused on the theme of memory and memories, developers were able to indulge in fantasy, offering unrealistic but plausible situations. Here, then, what rooms and rooms so far known literally dissolve before our eyes, transporting us to places never before seen, or in limbo where time and space seem to be just a detail.

This is a particular one on which it is important to dwell,Get Even , the sense of suspense and the scenic charge of his sequences. Playing at the Farm 51 title again we wondered what other extravagant scene would have been waiting for us as soon as we walked around the corner, which madness filled with madness, true or presumed, would have welcomed us.

The developers have been very good, it is admitted, to push the player to wonder what was the spring that gave the thrust to the events narrated, and we have to say that, very slowly and methodically, the plot lets you discover, giving at least two shots of a certain thickness, and they will surprise you .

In the course of the ten hours necessary to finish everything, then you can record a few tired moments, especially about three-quarters of the story, but there is no doubt that the story ofGet Even turns out to be mature, interesting, well written and recited, and especially bitter. A story of vengeance and greed in which good and evil mingle, without giving any certainty. Okay, let’s go, but when can we continue? On the story, then, nothing to say: Get Even

Get Even

he manages to engage in an obvious manner, even as one of those games where it always seems that the ending sequence is around the corner, then he has to recapture and have to continue. Said of the excellent narrative, and of the equally positive technical sector, the sore notes come to the gameplay.

Indeed, we have not yet known what the title belongs to, even because the business seems rather complicated: it is not a horror survival in the classical sense, it is a first-person shooter, but only in certain respects, even in puzzle games, in others with interactive adventure.

Considering the picture, then, it would be said that Get Evenit simply plays for what it is, that is, a game that focuses heavily on fiction, and that in its sequences it proposes suffocated, well-orchestrated scenes and scenes.

Anyway, what about the gameplay? The final impression we have had was that the sequences in which the player’s greatest commitment was demanded were fillers not always so exhilarating.

In generic terms, in fact, the title will alternate with guided exploration stages, movie clips, and sequences in which the player, immersed in Black’s memories, will have to grab his weapon and shoot a few enemies. In these phases it introduces the iconic angular gun, which allows you to gain a visual view of the battlefield also behind the shelter provided by walls, cars and more. Things do not always go right in these phases, for at least two reasons.