Genesis Alpha One

Looking for salvation
Genesis Alpha Oneis a project with mastodontic views, from endless infinite systems where to be able to see everything that has to offer on paper is utopia. To make it clear on the game, one could start with a historical contextualization where the Genesis project started its central stage, since globalization on Earth has led to the humiliation of mankind, which now has to hope in this ship of DNA to search for a new home.
 If science fiction enthusiasts may seem like an incipit for the most banal, such an open historical contextualization serves to focus attention on gameplay rather than on the narrative itself. The game is a mix of genres that in effect blend well with each other, but which are becoming increasingly complex steps to harmonize.
The base is that of a first-person shooter, where we will have to remove our rifle to survive in case of alien threat while moving inside the ship; to this we add to the need to build the various pieces of our spacecraft, which will open up new possibilities and new abilities. Here we will have to manage staff generation and assignment in the various districts of the ship, including the exploratory part.
Exploring the planets (an operation that does not include the player, but is carried out exclusively by artificial intelligence) you can recover DNA portions as well as being chased by aliens who have to be fought in the first person, a handgun, as mentioned in ‘ beginning.
By accumulating as many DNA as possible you can give birth to hybrid characters, so they are able to have different traits, especially with respect to early humans, so that they can explore new planets and receive new DNA to go further in exploring the galaxy.
Obviously, if the captain, or personally interpreting person, died, his role would go to his second, which could be a hybrid and would thus change the gameplay characteristics even in the shooter phases.
Genesis Alpha One
The evolution to survive
This is the summing up of a half-round game played by the developer, who came to the presentation by studying every step to take, save the random factor given by the enemy threat that might not even occur when a convoy comes back. In a normal game, especially to learn the bases on which this game moves, it would take hours.
Bearing in mind the infinite possibilities of new equipment, the new ship parts and the DNA that can be collected, it will certainly be enough to play, but it also seems to already see the risk that in the long run the situation can become methodical and repetitive. As for the graphic design, the title of Radiation Blue turned on Unreal Engine, showing spatial parts that in some respects excelled from the trivia already written in science fiction. Obviously the base is that and Genesis Alpha One
All in all there is nothing invincible, but getting around the ship, passing a corridor, lying in a greenhouse under the starry sky, then passing another tunnel to get into the dirty engine room, has its impact. Especially if you think that it is possible to build in real time every new piece of the ship and explore the next one. In addition to this, the technical quality seemed to be of a high standard, with an interesting use of light effects that can generate no little suspense, in addition to the slow-moving music but with a powerful bass.