Gears of War 4

 It does not matter if you played it or if you only saw it in videos and trailers, what is clear is that in November of the year 2006 Epic Games turned up


side down the genre of the action in the third person incorporating the covers. It was not the first videogame that added parapets to its formula, in fact the popular Kill.Switch I did many years before but with much more discreet results. However, id Software was not the creator of the first person shooters with Wolfenstein 3D


in 1992 it was responsible for popularizing them and giving them the current form, and in the same way Cliff Bleszinski, Rod Fergusson and compa


ny were not the first to incorporate the use of coverages in an action game, but they were the ones that set the standards and they did something less than essential for any third-person shooter of the moment.


Why is this qualification important? Not only because he often forgets the monstrous legacy behind the Gears of War saga, but also because his current main responsibility is a Rod Fergusson that was already key in the last stages of the development of the origin


al game. As we explained at the time of opening the analysis, it is time for change in Gears of War, but it is also in Microsoft. Bungie left Halo in the hands of 343 Industries, acquired Minecraft without Markus Persson and company and now The Coalition leads the Delta squad.


And the changes are scary, of course, and more when we talk about one of the Xbox brand’s standard franchises, and one of the games that makes


the best sense of that formidable idea that is the Xbox Play Anywhere . With all those elements, new protagonists, unprecedented villains and a planet Sera more furious than ever we are facing one of the most relevant releases of this generation: Gears of War 4 .



New Faces

After the events that closed Gears of War 3 and that shelved the threat Locust, the possibilities to follow the IP were somewhat limited. What has been decided is to opt fo

r an option in some ways lazy but in others very risky, to place the action a little over two decades after that and let the narrative rest on the shoulders of the legendary son Marcus Fenix. I must admit that I was skeptical with this election and with the scant charisma that seemed to be glimpsed in this
protagonist, JD, in trailers and demos. But he also had the feeling that maybe that could work in favor of the new hero and turn it into a charac
ter of some depth, to give a single example, using the giant shadow of his father to torment him with comparisons and even with fears of not being the height.


Gears of War 4 analysis

Gears of War 4 is a full-fledged witness change. Marcus Fenix ​​gives his throne as leader of the Delta Platoon to his son JD.

There is not much of that in a personality, this ruddy and strong soldier, flat and loaded with some of the ticks of the clumsy but nice her


o that we have seen a thousand times, which are repeated without success throughout the campaign and that They sound like something terribly trite. The contrast with the undeniably overwhelming personality of Marc


us and Dom at the head of the original trilogy is notorious, but even then the two protagonists had the company of another pair of Titans Cole and Baird. How about the team that walks by our side? Starting from the weakest link, Del


is present as a contrast to JD and comic relief from it but it does not end up contributing much, and there is only a single conversation with some argument value and that has utility to know the relationship between these in all the adventure. Exiguous baggage.


Gears of War 4 PC

You can tell that The Coalition understands the spirit of Gears of War

On the other hand, if you have seen any of the Gears of War 4 trailers you will know that another of the strengths of the squad is the pres

ence of Marcus himself, who could have given something more of himself in work as a mentor and voice of the veteranía, but even that leaves us some phrases that, as a fan of the series, I have a smile. We finish the radio
graphy of the team, with a Kait that is, against all odds, the strongest leg of the table and the real engine of the game. His personality is th
e only moderately defined, which shows some three-dimensionality and which leaves us a human being who suffers, hesitates and dares to question the unanimous and stereotyped opinions of the rest.


Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 PC

The novelties that Gears of War 4 proposes are not huge, and some like the robots do not just fit to alienate their formula excessively.

It is the great finding of a video game that, if that was not enough, he uses it as a method to advance his narrative. His mother,


Reyna, a true myth of one of the factions operating in the wildest areas of Sera and outside the CGO, the Outsiders, has been kidnapped by a new and monstrous threat. In my course with between 10-11 hours it has taken


me to overcome the campaignIn Elevada has been the only guide that has illuminated my path offering me not only someone to empathize with, but also a tangible goal, the rescue of your family member. The rest? The video game starts brilliantly with a formidable prologue and, likewise, does well to raise a villain at the head of the CGO from minute 1 since it help


s to focus our efforts and face our enemy. But the more I have advanced in the adventure, the less interested I was in confronting that adversary with my name and surname, nor can I show any passion for the changing short-term goals or the topics of “restore the current in X place”.


That is due to the fact that the first part is when we are most focused on facing the Coalition of Ordered Governments, and that means endless confrontations exclusively with hordes of robots that, often, return to the air the experience Gears o


f War. If you have played any previous title of the saga you know that when it feels more comfortable is with a slow playable experience and in which you have to think about the next move to take. Some of these robots do cover and force us to think, but for


each of these that works there is another that is limited to attack while walking forward like a sponge of bullets, an explosive ball that chases us at full speed on the stage or an aerial drone that shoots from the heights without worrying him a bit about his integrity …


Gears of War 4

Neither you nor I handle Delta Squad to immerse ourselves in a show of fast and frantic action, what we hope in the skin of these soldiers is to be crouched behind a cover keeping enemies at bay and waiting for the right moment to take a claw. There


are hardly any moments of that kind in the first five hours of the story mode, something that has left me tremendously disappointe


d not so much because it is not open to new things, in fact if you know my work in 3DJuegos you will know that innovation is something t


hat always wins in my analyzes, but because these developments not only have to bring freshness but also have to fit. And in the case of robots, they do not.