GameSpot: Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Released on Game Release Day

In late December, hackers leaked from PS Store unannounced demo image Final Fantasy VII Remake. The release of the demo version of the game, obviously, is in the plans. Square enixhowever, no statements were received from the company after the leak.

The latest rumor suggests that the release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo will take place along with a full game March 3rd. Information on this is contained in the material. Gamespot with key information about jRPG.

It is still unknown where exactly GameSpot reporters got such information, however, certain signs indicate that Square Enix really intends to release a demo on the same day as the main game. For example, those who happened to play the merged demo claim that the game does not contain the pre-order option and does not mention the release date of the full version at the end of the passage. Instead, the demo ends with a screen to select the version for purchase, assuming that by the time the demo is available, the full version of Final Fantasy VII Remake will already be on sale.



GameSpot Journalist Tamur Hussein confirmed on Twitter that information about the demo on March 3rd was an erroneous assumption by one of the site’s editors.

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