Gamers – the last hope of Obamacare?

Baraka Obamy presidency came to an end, and with his departure may lose relevance and some initiatives embodied in the life of 44 US President. In particular, we are talking about health care reform and the protection of patients, more popularly known as Obamacare.

She has repeatedly been criticized, and the United States acting president Donald Trump during his election campaign, said that the program will roll, if he comes to power. And it happened so Obamacare under attack. As the last hope for the survival of authors of the project did not choose anyone – but American gamers.

As reported Gmbox In December last year, was a unique eSports 4-hour marathon, which was conducted for the first time broadcast from the White House, in partnership with Twitch.

Its purpose was to draw attention to the health problems of young Americans and make them think about their own health. Discuss the pros and cons of reform fully, we will not, if you’re interested, with its basic provisions are available on the public resources. The bottom line is that it is aimed at maintaining a low-income citizens, as well as young people and pensioners.

In a nutshell Obamacare problems is quite simple. From the perspective of individual citizens who receive subsidies for insurance and the ability to deal with such serious diseases such as AIDS and cancer, the initiative is certainly useful. However, the state is turned into a real headache, entailing serious problems in the economy. On this basis, and there are differences.

Youth refers to a group of people who are the most difficult to get insurance. At the same time they are active and able to take initiative, which is why Obama finally focused his attention on them, by having recourse, in a sense, to radical measures.

Later, they were criticized, but what are the results of this unusual action? Called if the last cry of Obamacare some resonance in the society, in addition to the issues that Russian hackers are doing in the White House?

Respond to this question will help the facts. At the peak of the broadcast from Washington looked 10 thousand. People at a time, and it was going down a total of about 140 thousand.

Man, according to Twitch data provided after the event. Information on how many people join the program after the Stream is not, but at the end of December 2016 the number of participants for the year increased by approximately 400 thousand.

People, bringing the total figure to the level of 6.4 million people. Three days after the broadcast, Obama said that on the day of the campaign website undergone an unprecedented influx of users.

It should be noted that the stream, of course, was not the usual. Kibersostyazaniya interspersed with interviews in which supporters of Obamacare supplied viewers all kinds of information about the program. But still it remains not entirely clear why it took her so desperately to advertise at a time when the very existence of the program is a big question. Most likely authors of Obamacare are hoping that a large number of participants and loyal citizens will be able to save the situation.