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Shooter for Sony consoles, developed by a Japanese company

You Creates Co.

The PSN game is now available from 22 July. Price versions for PSV – 30 dollars. PS4 – 41 USD.

What is the game?

The protagonist of Gal * Gun is very attractive and all the women just dream with him to make friends. This man has until sunset to find his true love. But it all comes with the mandatory terrible evil forces that keep it, and those who are destined to have the immunity of its beauty. So it is not easy to have to.

It’s kind of a rail shooter, but instead bandyukov and dark wizards we have to drench girls special small arms with a telescopic sight that really do not mix. It is necessary to deal with specific points on her body, using the touchscreen


Here it is an opportunity to choose only one of a variety of activities and options, but it all comes down to ordinary Japanese VN. For example, if one accidentally chosen stuck in the window, then you will be able to do? Also significantly different version of PSV and PS4. On the portable console game slows down, but with a better palette. At the same time a very long start of the game, it is better to play in another. This bug – the game is not exactly acceptable.


Relatively PS4, everything here is also qualitatively. All too dull and without much of an impression. Be on your guard playing it, because if you’re caught you’ll be in an awkward position.

Our recommendations

Specifically, the Japanese game with bugs, but if you like the vulgar game with soft hints of these issues, it is worth playing.

PQube has done a generally impressive job of the localisation, which should go down well with the kind of fans that these ‘pervy’ games tend to attract. Such fans generally don’t like seeing localisation outfits make edits to the content in order to make a game culturally relevant to western audiences, and PQube’s localisation team has clearly gone in with the intent to be as literal as possible with the translation. It means that some of the context is lost in places, and some of the satire falls flat. It means that the game writers and artist’s intent doesn’t come across quite as intended in the English release, but I think it’s important to remember that this is what the fans wanted; an exacting translation, rather than a game that reflects the deeper meaning behind what the developer, Inti Creates, was aiming for.

It’s probably also worth noting that I don’t think there is anything that the developer could have done to make the game contextual to a western audience. This is a very Japanese game that deals with very Japanese themes, and uses very Japanese language to do so, so the lost in translation effect was probably inevitable.

Perv Game PlayStation 4 Review

So, despite losing a little of the cultural context, Gal*Gun still offers a entertaining little story about a guy that got blasted with a bit too much cupid power and is now attracting all the girls at the school to him like a magnet. It remains a game that, through satire, highlights the kind of harassment masquading as admiration that women experience in real life as a fact of daily life.

Plenty of jokes do still land home in English, and the situation itself remains fundamentally funny, so I’m not really criticising the game’s storytelling here, but rather acknowledging that the localisation team at P-Qube must have felt the tension between doing the game’s culturally specific justice and meeting expectations of fans.