Galactic crusades

Now when we talk about DLC we mean automatically some small downloadable content that does not change in anything the basic game for which it was published, but that adds something just to spend extra money on the most dedicated fans. Fortunately there are also cases in which the DLC are real expansions that go to modify, if not to revolutionize, many aspects.


This is the case with Crusade, an expansion for Stardock’s strategic 4x Galactic Civilization III , which not only adds content but also remodels all the most problematic aspects reported by players over the years.In fact, given the time since the launch of Galactic Civilization III, which took place in May 2015, Stardock could have easily passed Crusade as a real sequel,


but it did not happen. Probably the intent was not only to sell a new game, but also to refine the basic title giving it the breath that a little ‘was missing and that Mercenaries, the first expansion, and all the other DLC already available, had failed to give him. You think that the changes are so profound that you do not even miss a new single player campaign, because even in those that already exist there are completely new things.

We reviewed Crusade, an exceptional expansion for Galactic Civilization III


As soon as you start Galactic Civilization III, obviously with the Crusade expansion installed, you immediately notice the complete revision of the game interface, now much more practical and functional, as well as rational in appearance.

Galactic crusades
A lot of work has been done to improve the game interface

Now it is much easier to have information on research, citizens, espionage, the economy and so on. In short, the criticisms received from the original interface were fully received by Stardock, who did everything to meet the demands of the players, completely revolutionizing the approach that had given it.The design itself of the various information panels has been improved, both in appearance and in positioning, so as to make the main window, the graphic one, more space, despite the additions.


At a first glance, we immediately notice the new customization options of civilizations, which allow us to better define their behavior and appearance.


If you want there is also the possibility to create your own spaceships and complete factions, or you can go to the Steam Workshop and download the community works, which give a touch of variety to the whole (there are some custom spaceships that are really excellent ). The possibilities from this point of view are really limitless.


Consider that it is also possible to mix existing factions and create a very wide variety of hybrids. Also present were three new factions: the Slyne, the Onyx and Terran Resistance. The first is formed by gelatinous creatures who love technology, the second from beings who have focused their technological development on rocks and the third, from Galactic Civilization II, formed by humans.


As we mentioned, the changes made to Galactic Civilization III by Crusade are very deep and go beyond the cosmetic aspects. If the interface and the new factions give an extra touch to the game, the new approaches to stellar colonization are the real core of the whole experience.


Each planet now has additional features that define it better and add a new level of strategy to our moves.

Galactic crusades
The beloved land

There are good planets for life, but poor in raw materials, and others from which to extract valuable resources, but on which it is difficult to establish a real colony because of the lack of food and water (think of a completely rocky planet). The “Citizen” system helps the planetary expansion: every ten turns you get a unit of citizens that can be used in different ways,


such as for strengthening the central government (the effects change depending on the unit), or to improve production on a certain planet, or to improve general research, or that of a single planet. The units of citizens are of various kinds: there are scientists, workers, bureaucrats and others, each able to give advantages in its areas of expertise, advantages that increase with promotions.