Our hero – like a samurai man with gray, as if living its own life hair. Everyone calls him simply “Stranger,” he a prisoner in the prison from which escape is impossible, the other inhabitants of the dungeon – his guards, and only ally becomes a liberating hero from the shackles of the unknown in a rabbit costume.

Only because of his vague monologues and you can understand something about the background of what is happening.

After all, no stranger says, preferring words more understandable to the local language of the sword, and the laser gun. And still not cry when the strikes, not moaning in pain, even under torture, and even on the background of the majority of silent protagonists seem windbags with gab.

The path of these two freedom passes through a series of obstacles – a small, floating high above the surface of the planet worlds, each of which character one expects very strong guard.

And that’s all: no ordinary opponents or side lines. The leitmotif of the game is simple: “Kill the jailer and released” The first enemy is already waiting in the arena, directly behind the camera threshold.

Contractions sword alternate with gunfights, and sometimes the game does remind bullet hell.

Furi combat system is as laconic as the plot, and its elements are easily decomposed into pairs, as varied as the heroes of the game. Throughout observed symmetry. Stranger In two attacking abilities: sword strikes near and shoots a laser gun from a distance.

And two protective: dodge to maneuver in space, and restore health by the timely use of the parry. In turn, each of the techniques in two versions: simple and enhanced.

For example, holding down the attack button, you can apply the “charged” with his sword. A “perfect”, made at the last split second parry will not only protect from the attacks of the enemy, but also damage him.

These abilities are explained at the beginning of the first fight, and the other in the game. As you progress through the hero will not be able to somehow increase, does not find additional weapons and will not open the advanced techniques.

And his only combo will remain striking out four in a row with the sword. Such nemudrenyh allows you to play Furi, even if you have never tried these games. But this does not mean that it is primitive, simply pump is not necessary character and himself.

Furi requires reaction – and in terms of speed and in terms of knowing how and what to answer. However, it is fair to the player, always there are signs by which one can understand where you need to dodge and parry when, what shots you can to fight off their own, and which are reflected back to the enemy. And, to understand the basics, you begin to improvise.

Pluck distance evasion straight through enemy attacks, catch it with a charged attack, lightning move from melee to fire back and forth.

At the same time, though occasionally Furi still driving into a rigid framework, most of the time the choice – to leave or counter, waiting for the final blow or beat the boss at once – is up to the player.

With regard to governance, the flaw had one, but essential. By itself, the layout is elegant: each of the four abilities of the hero corresponds to one of the main gamepad buttons.

But some of the techniques from the category of “advanced” on such a scheme will run only periodically tying the knot your fingers and change it from the game for some reason, you can not.

Perhaps someday the situation will change, but for now the only way to adjust the layout – to change the functions of the buttons on the console menu. However, there is not, and so the problems with a few exceptions.

There are limitations: for example, failure triggered a slight delay, and Parry can not be immediately pressed too early to use the same again. But this is obviously done on purpose to spam protection techniques are not turned into a magic wand of any situation.