From United Arab Emirates to Romania: All HITMAN 3 Locations Revealed

Studio IO Interactive revealed all the locations that will appear in HITMAN III – the final part of the new trilogy about a contract killer Agent 47

List of locations Hitman iii in the order they appear in the game

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Here, players will be able to enjoy the luxury and beauty of Dubai while exploring the world’s tallest skyscraper, both on the outside and inside.

Dartmoor, UK

In this location, users will go to a gloomy English mansion, where they will have to not only eliminate their target, but also reincarnate as a detective investigating a mysterious murder.

Berlin, Germany

In HITMAN III, Berlin is a city that literally reflects the delights of nightlife, full of loud clubs and people drunk with adrenaline.

Chongqing, China

A level dotted with neon signs dotting narrow streets and countless small shops. Every nook and cranny here keeps its secrets.

Mendoza, Argentina

Flying in the sun, the nature of Argentina will meet Agent 47 here with amazing landscapes and sweeping wineries, opening up a huge scope for killing victims.

Carpathians, Romania

The culmination of the new HITMAN trilogy will unfold in the mountains of Romania, where players are waiting for real “dramatic epilogue“.

Release HITMAN III will take place already January 20th on almost all current systems. Our impressions of the expected novelty can be found in separate large material

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